A job stores information about work performed for a customer.

When you add a job, you can add tickets to record the specific work carried out.


To setup and use Jobs, you need to:

Have these user licenses Have these permissions Complete these tasks
and review these topics
before continuing

Step-by-Step Guides

Adding a Job

You can add job in FieldFX either through the Back Office or in Mobile.

FieldFX Back Office

  1. Open the Jobs tab.

  2. Click New.

  3. In Record Type, select a job type.

  4. Click Continue.

  5. Enter details and click Save.

  6. Add tickets.

FieldFX Mobile

  1. Select Start a New Job.

    FX Mobile’s Start New Job button
  2. Select a job type and enter the job details.

  3. Select Add.

    Green add button
  4. Add tickets.

Completing a Job

To complete a job:

  1. Add a job.

  2. Add tickets for each round of work completed.

  3. Attach an FX Report to document the work completed.

Copying a Job

You can copy a job within Mobile.

FieldFX Mobile

  1. Select Jobs on the sidebar.

  2. Select Copy on the job.

    FX Mobile’s copy icon
  3. Enter details for the new job.

  4. Select Add.

    Green add button


Adding a Job

FieldFX Back Office

FieldFX Mobile

Copying a Job

FieldFX Mobile