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The page contains the release notes for the FieldFX Report Viewer.

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Report Viewer

February 7, 2022

  • Latest Update

  • Make sure version 1.430 or later of the Managed Package is installed to use this version.


Report Viewer

September 29, 2021


FX Reports

September 29, 2021


Report Viewer

August 23, 2021


Report Viewer

April 16, 2021

Release Notes

Report Viewer v230 (2/7/2022)


Issue # Description


We’ve made an enhancement where new fonts are available.

Report Viewer can now show Chinese characters and symbols plus when using the Symbol font, checkmark symbols can be used.


We fixed an issue where the reports are saved as files.

Bug Fixes

Issue # Description


We fixed an issue where summations having negative values don’t display a negative sign.

Report Viewer v227 (9/29/2021)

Bug Fixes

Issue # Area Description


formatPercent decimal places

We fixed a bug that prevented decimals places from being set to 0 and defaulting to 2 instead.

Report Viewer v226 (8/23/2021)


Issue # Description


Report Names Generate from Title Metadata

The Report Editor now provides a way to include metadata when creating a PDF report. The Report Viewer has been enhanced to use the Document Title attribute for the report title and file name.


Display Custom Text on the Signature Capture Screen

* Report Viewer has been enhanced to support the CaptureHeaderText available in the Report Editor. * When added to the signature setup for a report template, the CaptureHeaderText displays one or more rows of text on the window where the signature is captured.

Bug Fixes

Issue # Area Description


File Names

We fixed a bug that caused report file names to appear differently in FieldFX Mobile and FieldFX Back Office.

Report Viewer v222 (4/16/2021)

Bug Fixes

Issue # Area Description



We corrected an issue that prevented an insufficient parameters error message from displaying to users for certain filter scenarios. The report failed to load with no message to users. Now the error displays to users to aid in troubleshooting.



We fixed an issue that caused text-based watermarks to not display correctly in report fields depending on the device resolution.



We fixed an issue that prevented reports from accessing the OwnerID field and displaying information based on that information.



We fixed a problem that returned an object Object error by passing full details of the error when possible to help troubleshoot the underlying report issue. While addressing this, we also corrected a bug that prevented reports from accessing data on the Salesforce Case object.

Older Releases

In this section, use these links to access the release notes for 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2017: