Inventory Transactions

Inventory Transactions record movement of items to or from a warehouse.

There are seven types of inventory transactions:

  • Gain

  • Shrink

  • Issue

  • Order

  • Receipt

  • Transfer In

  • Transfer Out

Key Feature

FX EAM records Inventory Transactions any time a Stock Item enters or leaves a Warehouse.

Inventory transactions are not recorded for bin transfers within the same warehouse.

How Inventory Transactions Work

An inventory transaction happens automatically during any of the following events:

  • Issue to a Work Order

  • Receipt from Purchase Order or Transfer

  • Inventory Gain Adjustment

  • Inventory Shrink Adjustment

For specifics on recording inventory transactions to issue stock to a Work Order, record losses with a Shrink adjustment, or increase stock levels with a gain adjustment, see Inventory Adjustments.

If you create the Inventory Transaction in FX Mobile, a Planned Stock record is created in Back Office.

When you create multiple Inventory Transactions in FX Mobile for the same stock item, the planned stock item updates the issue quantity correctly.