FX E-Ticketing

The FX E-Ticketing module is an electronic field ticketing solution within FieldFX by ServiceMax that improves efficiency, reduces days sales outstanding (DSO), and eliminates revenue leakage.

FX E-Ticketing can increase cash flow where customers can invoice quicker and more accurately. When using the integrated Configure Price Quote module (part of FX E-Ticketing), customers can recapture lost or missing build items. E-Ticketing offers customers a lower error rate on their field tickets and invoices and a higher compliance contract compliance rate. Also with E-Ticketing a lot of the duplication is eliminated in having re-keying tickets into another ticketing system but also invoicing systems as well.

For more information on E-Ticketing, see FX E-Ticketing Overview and FX E-Ticketing Object Relationships

Price Books

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Other Features

You can get information on how Stage Pricing and Inventory Tracking work with FX E-Ticketing.