FX Mobile Home Page


The Home page for FX Mobile displays when you log in to FieldFX Mobile.

For more information on the layout of the FX Mobile Home Screen, see Sync Screen Configuration.

Getting There

  1. Log in.

  2. Select FX in the top left corner of any page.

    FXM Home page FX button

Version Information

If you are using a Sync Profile, the name of the Sync Profile appears in the main FX Mobile screen.

Device Storage

FieldFX Mobile requires sufficient available storage space on the user’s device to download FieldFX data.

If a lack of storage prevents syncing, review the content on the device and remove unneeded apps and pictures to free space.

If the devices uses more than 80% of its available storage, a warning displays on the Sync screen.

Tap on the warning bar to display a tip on what to do increase available storage.

The warning message displays for users on FieldFX Mobile or later.
Sync Screen Storage Warning

Pending File Attachments

Displays a list of files added to Jobs and Tickets created in the mobile application and not synced to Back Office.

Attachments to jobs and tickets already existing in Back Office do not display.

Images added to reports where the createAttachment attribute is set to True also display.