FX Timecards


The FX Timecards module is a time management solution that makes it easier to track payable time for field employees. You can track time off requests and collect Time cards in to a payable timesheet.

FieldFX users can enter cards using the FX Timecards app, available for Android, iOS and Windows devices. On your app store, search for FieldFX.

Consult the requirements in FieldFX System Requirements to ensure that the FieldFX Timecards app will run properly on your device.


  • Quick and accurate time management using a mobile app (available on Windows, iOS and Android devices).

  • Manage crew schedules across single or multiple jobs.

  • Record time on an hourly basis or daily basis.

  • Submit timecards with non-billable charge codes, such as Sick Time or Vacation.

  • Capture job-related notes on timecards.

  • Add timecards for field employees automatically from a ticket with labor items.

  • Review and approve Timecards, Timesheets, and Time Off requests at your convenience.

Object Relationships

FX Timecards relies on the following objects:

Object Description


Records hours worked or charged off to a code


A set of Timecards over a date range for a Contact

Time Off

Tracks requests and approvals for absences

How Timecards Works

The FieldFX Timecards module has these four main areas:


The FX Timecards module has two components:

FX Timecards app Timecards tab in FieldFX Back Office

Enterprise-class mobile app available for iOS and Android devices field employees use to add and manage Timecards, Timesheets, and Time Off requests.

Management tool in FieldFX Back Office used by managers to review and approve Timecards, Timesheets, and Time Off requests.


An employee enters hours on a Timecard in the FX Timecards app.

Visual showing the workflow of an employee make a time entry in the Timecards App

When an employee works a Labor Ticket Item on a ticket, FieldFX generates the Timecard automatically.

The created timecard is added to an existing Timesheet if one is available with a status of In Progress.

Otherwise, FieldFX creates a new Timesheet for the Contact.

Visual showing the flow of automatically generated timecards in FieldFX

Manager approves or rejects the Timecard.


Timesheets collect new Timecards created while the Timesheet is in In Progress status.

If no Timesheet is in In Progress status, FieldFX automatically creates a new Timesheet when a Timecard is added.

Timesheets have an approval status sequence.

Time Off

Field users add Time Off requests in the FX Timecards mobile app.

Supervisors manage Time Off requests in FieldFX Back Office, including Approving or Rejecting the requests.

Field users can see the status of the Time Off requests in the FX Timecards mobile app.

Time Off requests do not automatically generate Timecard records for a Timesheet.

Key Features

With FX Timecards, you can:


When using FX Timecards, you must have the these Minimum Permissions.


To set up FX Timecards, see FX Timecards Module Setup.