ServiceMax DataGuide Overview


ServiceMax DataGuide is a tool to that can used in FieldFX Back Office and FieldFX Mobile.

You can purchase this package as an add-on on the ServiceMax FieldFX Base Package platform combining Advanced Forms and Document Generation (PDF) capabilities that guide technicians to efficiently capture and present data.

You can use ServiceMax DataGuide module to:

  • Manage small to large form repositories, accommodating even large enterprise customers.

  • Enhance regulatory and compliance management with digital forms.

  • Fit for purpose and flexible forms management

  • There is full support to use forms in FieldFX Mobile even if you are offline

  • Capture repeatable and actionable just-in-time data

  • Easily design forms with the drag and drop functionality of the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) DataGuide Form Designer

    • Include a variety of question and input types on the form

    • Maintain multiple versions of a form, activating specific ones to use as needed

  • Choose multiple languages to output the template in multiple languages

  • Allow end users to add more options on the fly with dynamic form input options

  • Use advanced logic to help users with a guided workflow displaying only needed questions based on circumstances and live inputs.

  • Capture correct information using form response validations.

FieldFX Users can use the Document Template Editor to create a report template for a job, ticket, etc. That functionality has been added to the ServiceMax DataGuide package. DataGuide users can now use the same Template Editor and add a DataGuide Form to their template. The DataGuide Form Designer can be used to create forms (rendered within the DataGuide module) and can be linked to a job, ticket, or any other object.

The forms can be part of a particular job or ticket.

DataGuide Installation and Use

Only FieldFX Professional Services can install, setup, and configure the DataGuide module. Once the installation finishes and before a FX Mobile user can use a form, the DataGuide form must be created. DataGuide forms can exist on their own in the Back Office for a Back Office user to complete or in FieldFX Mobile for a Mobile user to complete. The DataGuide form can be rendered to a PDF using a built-in PDF renderer.

Common Use Scenarios

Preventative Maintenance

With ServiceMax DataGuide, you can use guided flows to ensure the completion of maintenance tasks and automate the creation of output documents. Use the documents for validation, follow-up actions, and compliance


For inspection processes, documentation, and proof of before and after event states needed to support work completion. ServiceMax DataGuide helps with the documentation also for invoicing, compliance requirements, and to trigger future action.


Safety is a top concern on any job site. ServiceMax DataGuide can help with pre-event validation of the necessary equipment is on-site. The equipment can be PPE, tools, employee skillsets, work environment safety. You can use the On-Site capturing of safety-related events, similar events, and post-event validation for site/event safety.

DataGuide User Roles

In ServiceMax DataGuide, users fit these types:

Admin Users Form Designers Data Analysts

Select and complete forms in FieldFX Mobile or FieldFX Back Office

Create Forms and Form Versions in the Admin Portal’s DataGuide tool

Use their business intelligence solution to interpret or report on the data collected from users

Parts of the ServiceMax DataGuide package

DataGuide Forms

With DataGuide Forms, there is a new WYSIWYG Form Designer, simplifying the creation of complex forms. You can use question level branching with complex expressions for targeted data collection. Admins now have a single space for form version management so the latest version can be available to users. You can use new and enhanced question types for rich data creation.

For more information, see DataGuide Forms for Admins

DataGuide Documents Template Editor

With Document Templates and Report Templates, FieldFX created the new Document Template Designer from the ground up. In FieldFX, it is known as the Report Template Editor and is available to all FieldFX users. No coding is needed. You can use drag-and-drop elements to create your template. Multi-language support is built-in so you can output your templates in multiple languages. You can use data from DataGuide Forms in your template.

If you don’t have a ServiceMax DataGuide license, you’ll still be able to create Report Templates but not drag and drop DataGuide Forms onto the templates.

DataGuide User Benefits

For Field Technicians:

  • Increased productivity

  • Decreased errors on forms and paperwork, reducing repeat visits

For Back Office Teams:

  • Decreased administrative time in data entry, correcting wrong data, and transferring data

For Form Designers and Administrative Staff:

  • Decreased time in creating and managing forms

  • Decreased customization and IT Cost

For Service Leadership:

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

  • Decreased time to invoice

Object Relationships

ServiceMax DataGuide uses these objects (See Form Objects in the DataGuide Data Model for more information):

Object Parent Description



The header information for a form

Form Data

Form Version

The JSON content of the collected answers and responses for a specific Form Version completed by a user

Form Expression

Form Version

Form Report Template

Form Version

Form Response

Form Data

The individual responses to questions collected in Form Data

Form Version


The record of a particular iteration of a Form

Report Template Expression

Report Template Rendition

The expression used for the report template.