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FieldFX from ServiceMax, Inc. is changing the way oilfield, industrial, and environmental services companies manage their mobile field operations.

With our industry-leading FieldFX software solution, our customers can streamline their processes between operations, field personnel and accounting. FieldFX is set apart by being able to work both online and offline.

The results are dramatic savings and increased value throughout the organization.

FieldFX doesn’t use the Apache log4j library and isn’t exposed to the vulnerability. However, Salesforce does use the library and is working to patch their systems. You can follow their work at Salesforce Help: Apache Log4j2 vulnerability and also get updates from Salesforce Trust and their General Message.


Beginning February 1, 2022, Salesforce will require the use of a Multi-Factor Authenticator (MFA) application. This change impacts users of FieldFX, as users will need to authenticate via MFA when logging into Salesforce to access FieldFX functionality. The Salesforce Authenticator app is recommended for MFA logins.

You can find more information on setting up MFA for your users in these articles:

FieldFX E-Ticketing / FX EAM

Both FieldFX E-Ticketing and FX EAM includes these core features:

FX E-Ticketing
FX E-Ticketing


FX Mobile Admin Tools

FX Mobile

FX Lightning

Admin Portal

FieldFX Mobile

FX Lightning

Jobs and Tickets

FX Quoting

FX Forms

Jobs and Tickets

FX Quoting

FX Forms

FX Quoting isn’t included in FX EAM.

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