Record Access Check


The Admin Portal’s Record Access Check tool displays what access a user has with a specific record

The tool displays the type of access a user has to the selected record:

  • All: The user has access to all records in this object

  • Delete: The user has access to delete this record

  • Edit: The user can edit this record

  • Read: The user can view the record

  • Transfer: The user can change the ownership of the record

Record Access Check enables system administrators to:

  • Check a user has the expected access to a selected record


To use the Admin Portal’s Record Access Check, you need to:

Have these user licenses Have these permissions Complete these tasks
and review these topics
before continuing

System administrator users need:

  • System Administrator permissions for Salesforce

Viewing the Access a User has to a Record

  1. Go to, then select Record Access Check.

    Screenshot of the Admin Portal Dashboard’s Record Access Check button
    Figure 1. Record Access Check is one of the tools available on the Admin Portal’s Dashboard page
  2. Click Record Access.

  3. Make the following entries (all entries are required):

    Enter text in any field to filter the entry selection


    Select a user to view


    Select the object whose record to check


    Select a record to search

  4. Click Search.

    Screenshot of the Record Access Check with search results
    Figure 2. Enter record details, then click search to see the access a user has to the record