Purchase Orders for Stock Items

Purchase Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) Stock items for supply inventory in a Warehouse.

Key Features

  • Receipt partial shipments

  • Receive to inventory or automatically issue to a Work Order.

How Stock Items Work

  • PO Stock Items on a Released Purchase Order increase On Order Qty.

  • Received line items decrease On Order Qty and increase On Hand Qty.

Step-by-Step Guide

Add a Stock item to a Purchase Order

  1. Create or Access a Purchase Order

  2. From Quick Links or the Related tab, select PO Stock Items and click New.

  3. Make the following entries in Information:

    Field Entry / Description

    Purchase Order

    Defaults, but can be changed

    Stock Item

    Select the stock item to add to the order, or create a new Stock Item.

    Order Qty

    Enter number of items to order.

    Unit Cost

    Enter cost the vendor charges per item.

    Required Date

    Enter the date by which the items must be received.


    Additional information for the line item.

    Last Receipt Date
    (Read only)

    Displays last time this stock item on this purchase order was received.

    Receive to Work Order

    Select the checkbox to automatically issue the items to the specified Work Order when they are received.


    Leave deselected to receive the items into inventory and issue them to the work order manually at a later time.

    Work Order

    If items are for a work order, select the Work Order.

  4. Click Save or Save & New