Previous FieldFX Deprecated Features (pre-2023)

Previous FieldFX Deprecated Features

Warehouse Item Record

The Warehouse Item record has been deprecated and is no longer supported or updated. Use the Stock Item record instead which requires a FX EAM license.

Once FX EAM is installed, follow the steps to add stock items.

Credit Memo / Credit Memo Builder

This is a credit memo tool in FieldFX Back Office.

The Credit Memo functionality in FieldFX has been deprecated. Contact your account representative for another solution.

Quote Item Copy Setup

The Quote Item Copy, available in the Quote Item Builder (also deprecated) enabled a new quote item by copying an existing quote item.

Chatter API Attachments Setup

The Attachments feature using the Chatter API was deprecated in 2022 and no longer supported. Salesforce will be disabling this feature soon.

Deep Copy Setup

The Deep Copy feature was available in FieldFX Back Office.

Deep Copy was used to add a new record by copying an existing record and its related items.

FieldFX Windows Client

Use the FieldFX Mobile Pro app instead to run FieldFX Mobile on a Windows device.

The FieldFX Windows Client was an ideal solution for devices that only have Internet Explorer installed.

FX Item Picker Lightning Component - Add Quote Items to a Ticket