FX CPQ Overview


The FX CPQ module is an intelligent quoting and ticketing solution that streamlines the quote-to-cash process and reduces revenue leakage.

Reduced Revenue Leakage

  • A powerful Rule Engine empowers your administrators with the ability to configure price books with rules that automatically add specific price book items onto quotes and tickets given certain conditions.

  • The Rule Engine adds required items to quotes and tickets automatically, even if salespeople and field supervisors forget to add them.

  • The Rule Engine also suggests recommended items to add and prevents you from adding disallowed items.

  • All of which eliminates revenue leakage due to missing billable items.

How it Works

The FX CPQ module provides contract administrators with the ability to model contracts with complex rules related to the applicability of certain equipment, services, labor and supplies based on the operational and environmental characteristics of jobs.

Salespeople and field personnel answer questions during quote/ticket creation and a Rule Engine uses these answers to recommend and price the appropriate items to use.

Scenario 1

  1. A Contract Manager configures the customer’s price book and rules.

  2. A Salesperson uses the price book to build out a quote and the rules determine price book item applicability and pricing.

  3. A Field Technician completes a Field Ticket for a Job created from the approved Quote.

Graphical display of the scenario with the three employees.

Scenario 2

  1. A Field Technician builds out a field ticket and Job parameters (such as Depth, Pressure, and Temperature)

  2. Rules determine price book item applicability and pricing

  3. The Field Technician completes the Field Ticket.

Graphic of just a Field Technician

Key Features

The FX CPQ module has two major features:

  1. Enhanced price book management:

  2. Rules-based quoting and ticketing:


  • Streamlined quote-to-cash process

  • Flexibility to build quotes and tickets online or offline

  • Reduced revenue leakage

  • Enhanced contract compliance

  • Maximized profit margins

  • Increased invoice accuracy

Best Practices

When a Rule Triggers

  1. The Rule or Rule Action must be Active.

  2. Using the Rule Processor, the Rule’s IsCriteriaDirty field must be false.

  3. The object record’s Sync__c field must be false for Quotes or Tickets.

  4. The user must have an FX CPQ license assigned and have the required FX CPQ minimum permissions.

  5. The rule’s criteria must be valid.