Standard Work Tasks

Standard Work Tasks are templates of Work Tasks that can be used on Work Orders.

Key Features

  • Standard Work Tasks can be defined and included on any type of Work Order.

  • Identifies common tasks to use for Equipment in an Asset Group.

How It Works

  • Standard Work Tasks are available to use on Work Orders of any type.

  • Assign Standard Work Tasks to an Asset Group to create a list of tasks for maintenance or repair of a certain group of Equipment. This makes it easier for users to request the proper work tasks when entering Work Requests.

  • Divide Standard Work Tasks into Standard Work Task Steps to create checklists for required work.

    You can create custom fields for the Standard Work Task Steps and Work Task Steps objects.

    You must use the same name for the custom fields on both objects to allow data in the fields to copy from Standard Work Task Steps to the Work Task Steps.

Step by Step

Create a Standard Work Task

  1. Go to Standard Work Task tab and select New

  2. Enter the following details in Information:

    • Std Task ID: 18-character Identifier for the new Standard Task

    • Description: 255 character description of the task

      This becomes the Task Comment when added to a Work Order.

    • Status (Optional): Select an option to describe the current step in the creation process based on business requirements

    • Est Hrs: Estimated hours to complete the task

      This value is copied to the Planned Hours for the task on the Work Order.

    • Asset Group (Optional): Select the Asset Group for this task, if all Equipment items in the group qualify for this work task

    • Work Task Updates Pending: When modifying the Standard Work Task, should existing Pending status Work Orders with this Standard Work Task be updated to the new information?

  3. Enter Instructions in the rich text field

  4. Click Save

    The Standard Work Task is created and displays.

Create Standard Work Task Steps

Use the Related tab from an existing Standard Work Task to add or modify Standard Work Task Steps.

  • Std Work Task Step: 18-character identifier for the task step

  • Standard Work Task: Auto populates

  • Sequence: numerical order to display task in lists

  • Additional Details: Rich Text Field for Standard Work Task Step instructions or other information