Barcode Scanning Setup

Barcode scanning works on FieldFX Mobile Pro app and FieldFX Mobile for release and higher on devices running Android 10 or later or iOS/iPadOS 12 or later.


  • FieldFX Mobile Pro can use the device’s camera as a barcode scanner to fill in fields, such as Ticket Items or Equipment serial numbers.

    • iOS/iPadOS users must be on version 12 or later.

    • Android users must be on Android 10 or later.

  • The device alerts of a successful barcode scan with an audible beep sound.

  • Barcode scanning is available for String and Rich Text Area fields.

  • The following barcode types can be scanned:

    1D Product Barcodes 1D Industrial Barcodes 2D Barcodes


    Code 39 Industrial



    Code 93 Industrial

    Data Matrix


    Code 128 Industrial




    PDF 417

    UPC/EAN Extension 2/5

    ITF-14 Industrial




  • For speed, FieldFX recommends using a 2D Barcode.

    3D Barcode types are not supported.


  • FieldFX Mobile supports scanning barcodes, but FieldFX does not create barcodes for scanning.

Add Barcodes Values for Items

Adding barcode values requires Base Managed Package release 1.402 or later.

  • Barcode values are stored in three locations:

    • Catalog Item’s FX5__eBarcode__c field

    • Contact record’s FX5__eBarcode__c field

    • Equipment record’s FX5__Barcode__c field

      These fields were added in FieldFX Base Managed Package release 1.399.

  • Price Book Items have a formula field, FX5__eBarcode__c, to look up the value stored in the related Catalog Item’s eBarcode field.

    This field was added in FieldFX Base Managed Package release 1.402.

  • In the appropriate barcode field, add the value the scanned barcode evaluates to.

  • If more than one record shares the same barcode value, FieldFX returns the first matching record it finds.

Grant Access to Barcode Scanning

To grant access to barcode scanning,

  1. Grant mobile users access to the these Apex Classes in their user profile or Permission Set:

    • FX5.CustomPermissionService

    • FX5.CustomPermissions

  2. Three Custom Permissions manage when the barcode scanning button displays in FieldFX Mobile:

    Assign Custom Permissions to either a Profile or a Permission Set.

    1. Barcode: Enables a barcode icon that displays in a field when the user activates input

      For example, by tapping into the field)

      When the field user taps the Barcode button, the device scans a single barcode for the selected field on the active record. The device completes the selected field using the barcode information.

    2. BarcodeMultiField: Enables a barcode icon that displays in the bottom right of the screen

      When the user taps a Multi Field Barcode button, the scanned barcode fills in multiple fields on the displayed record.

      Multi Field requires a 2D barcode (such as a QR code) that encodes a JSON file containing the API Name and value pairs for the fields to update.

      Example 1. A JSON string for an equipment lookup to add a Ticket Item.

      For example, to add an equipment item lookup, generate a QR code with a string like (replacing the ID example here with your equipment item’s ID)

          "FX5__Equipment__c": "a0S5e0000009s6NEAQ"

      You can encode multiple fields into the single QR code by adding a comma at the end of each "APIFieldName": "IDValue" pair. Make sure to encode the entire JSON string, including both the opening { and the closing }.

          "APIFieldName": "Value",
          "APIFieldName2": "Value"

      FieldFX can scan barcodes, but does not create them.

    3. BarcodeQuickAdd: Enables a barcode icon for continuously scanning for barcodes, allowing for easy addition of multiple items in a row

      When tapped, the device enters a continuous barcode scanning mode. The user scans all the desired barcodes in a row, then taps to add the referenced items to the record. The device alerts the user for each successful barcode scan.

      If a barcode does not reference a known record or otherwise does not scan correctly, it is skipped.

      For example, the user can add quickly add many ticket items by scanning the item barcodes one after another, such as barcodes on field worker name badges or equipment items.

      • The custom permissions are disabled for users by default.

Specify Fields to Always Show the Scanner Icon

By default, a barcode icon only displays when a user taps into a String or Rich Text Area field to make it active. You can create a list of fields where the barcode icon should always display, even if it is not the currently active field.

To create a new field set on the Ticket object and specify the fields that should always show the scanner icon:

  1. From Setup, select the Object Manager, then select the Ticket object.

  2. Select Field Sets.

  3. Select the New button to add a field set.

  4. Make the following entries:

    • Field Set Label: Always Show Barcode Indicator

    • Field Set Name: Always_Show_Barcode_Indicator

      This is the required Field Set Name, and must be entered exactly as listed here.

    • Where is this used?: List of fields to always show the Barcode scanner icon in FieldFX Mobile.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Drag the desired fields from the list of fields that display into the In the Field Set box.

  7. Click Save.