How to Work with Serialized Inventory

Serialized inventory tracks individual stock item records by an item-specific identification number.

Example 1. Common Serialized Inventory Uses

Vehicle VIN or the MEID of a cellular device.

Key Features

With FX EAM, you can:

How Serialized Inventory Works

When a serial number is assigned, FX EAM automatically creates an Equipment record for each item.

Once serialized, item movement can only happen for a specific item.

Serialized at Inventory Receipt

requires assigning the serial number during receipt of the items, at inventory issue to a Work Order, during Transfer processing, or for a Bin Transfer.

Serialized at Inventory Issue

requires specifying the specific item at inventory issue to a Work Order.

Step-by-Step Guide

Serialize a Stock Item

  1. Open the Stock Item record.

  2. Make the following entries in Serialized Component Setup:

    Field Entry



    Serialization Control Point:


    At Inventory Receipt

    to assign serial numbers as items come in to the Warehouse (most common)


    At Inventory Issue

    to assign serial numbers as items are issued to Work Orders to leave the Warehouse (less common)

    Equipment Record Type:

    Record type to use on the Equipment record created for each inventory item

    Example 2. Filter out Equipment reports

    You might create a record type of Serialized MRO to filter out items on Equipment reports.

  3. Save the record.