Rich Text Area Field Setup


  • To set up rich text area fields, you need:

  • Minimum permissions for the FieldFX modules you are using

    • System permissions:

      • Customize Application

      • View Setup and Configuration

  • To use rich text area fields in FieldFX Mobile, you must use one of the following release channels:

    • Sync v4 Beta

    • Sync V4

    • V4 Quarterly Beta

    • V4 Quarterly


Use rich text area fields to embed photos inline inside records.

Embed a site photo inside a JSA FX Form.

How it Works

  1. Select Insert Image in the rich text area field

    Screenshot of an insert image button in FX Mobile
  2. Take a photo or select an image on your device.

    • You can only embed .gif, .jpg, or .png images.

    • You can embed up to 10 images per rich text field.

  3. Select Confirm

    The image displays inline inside the field.

    Screenshot of an image added in FX Mobile

When you embed an image in a rich text area field in FieldFX Back Office and view the field in FieldFX Mobile:

  • The image displays when you are online.

  • The image doesn’t display when you are offline. Instead, a generic placeholder displays.

Image Resizing

When you embed an image in a rich text area field in FieldFX Mobile, the image is resized to be no greater than 150 KB.

This resizing enables the image to sync.


You can only view images in rich text area fields if:

  • You are online

  • You are offline and embedded the image yourself in the current session

Adding a Rich Text Area Field

  1. Access FieldFX Back Office

  2. Switch to Salesforce Classic

  3. Open the Settings page for the object

  4. Add the field:

    1. Under Custom Fields & Relationships, click New

    2. Select Text Area (Rich)

    3. Click Next

    4. Enter field attributes

      Never give a field the same name as a managed field on a FieldFX object.

    5. Click Next

    6. Click Visible twice

    7. Click Next

    8. Select the page layouts on which to include the field

    9. Click Save

  5. Grant permissions for the field

  6. Run a script for the field:

    1. Access Workbench

    2. Select Utilities | Apex Execute

    3. Enter the following script:

      System.debug(FX5.FXWorkerLauncher.DoWork('FX5.CustomFieldInfoHandler', null));
    4. Click Execute