Bills of Material


A Bill of Material is a list of items required to maintain a piece of Equipment.

A single Bill of Material record may have many BOM Items.

For example, work trucks require a specific tire, a certain kind of oil, wiper blades, and so on.
Many of the same types of truck may exist through the organization, all needing the same set of items for repair.

When a Work Order or Preventative Maintenance Schedule is created for the particular piece of Equipment, the Bill of Material for the Asset Group provides a filtered list of Catalog Items relevant to the particular Equipment item. This makes it easier for the user to select the correct Catalog Items for the Work Order.

How Bills of Material Works

Flowchart showing how Equipment


  1. Assign each work truck to the same Asset Group.

  2. Link the Asset Group to a particular Bill of Material.

  3. List the Catalog Items needed to complete maintenance or potential repairs on the Equipment item on the Bill of Material.

    There is no quantity or Warehouse selection for the Bill of Material. Quantity and Warehouse are defined on the Work Order.

    For example, a work truck in Louisiana and another in North Dakota always need a certain tire, but the trucks may only require one tire for a repair while maintenance may require 4.

    The tire for Work Order in Louisiana might come from a different Warehouse than a Work Order in North Dakota.