Asset Groups


Asset Groups classify Equipment items that require the same maintenance and repair work.

Use Asset Groups to manage Bills of Material, _Model type Work Orders, and Standard Work Tasks for Equipment in the group.

For example, a fleet of 2018 work trucks require the same parts (Bills of Material), the same preventative maintenance schedules (Model type Work Orders), and the same work tasks during repair work.

Create an Asset Group for this fleet of trucks, then easily find the appropriate item for the fleet by filtering by the Asset Group the Bill of Material, Standard Work Task, or Work Orders are assigned to.

How Asset Groups Works

Asset Groups and Bills of Material

Asset Groups and Standard Work Tasks

  • Standard Work Tasks act as templates for creating Work Orders for items

    For example, an inspection always requires the same set of steps.

  • Standard Work Tasks may have as many Standard Work Task Steps as required

  • Use Standard Work Tasks to create Work Orders for repair or maintenance of Equipment

    Flowchart showing the relationship of Equipment

Asset Groups and Model Work Orders

Assign Model type Work Orders to an Asset Group to quickly identify the needed work for a Preventative Maintenance Schedule

Flowchart showing how Equipment

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. From the Asset Group tab, click New

    You can create Asset Groups directly from the Asset Group field on records for Equipment, Model type Work Orders, and Standard Work Tasks.

  2. Add an 18-character Asset Group ID

  3. (Optional) Add a Description

  4. Click Save or Save & New.

  5. From the Equipment tab, Work Order tab, or Standard Work Task tab, use the Asset Group field in the record to assign the Asset Group. Repeat for other records