Admin Portal - Mobile Validations Updates

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Version 44

Type Issue Summary

Bug Fix


We fixed an issue for the Mobile Validation Rules that returned an error that the StaticResource object type was invalid. This version fixes the issue so existing rules can be loaded and new rules can be imported.

Version 43

Type Issue Summary

There are no customer-facing issues with this release.

Version 42

Type Issue Summary



We fixed an issue to improve security where FXComponents checks custom permissions for app access.

Version 40 (7/2/21)

Type Issue Summary



Add Mobile Validations for eForm Objects

  • When importing rules or creating new rules, we have added the ability to select custom objects for eForms.

  • This allows you define validation rules for eForms on mobile in the Admin Portal tool.

  • Only custom objects with eForm configurations are available.


We fixed some user interface inconsistencies when attempting to importing rules from objects where no rules were available to import.


After marking a validation rule as inactive, it was still showing as active for mobile users. This no longer occurs.

Version 34 (12/10/20)

Type Issue Summary



Add Active Flag for Validation Rules

  • Mobile Validations can be marked as Active or Inactive in the Mobile Validations tool.

  • Validations marked Inactive have no impact in FieldFX Mobile.


Load Existing Validations File

  • When accessing the Mobile Validation Tool for the first time, the tool checks for and loads the existing validation rules.

  • If invalid data is found in the rule, an error message displays on the screen, but valid data still loads and can be used.

    The user must remove the invalid data from the static resource file used for Mobile Validations to resolve the error.

Bug Fixes


We added a confirmation dialog when a user clicks the Delete button for a validation rule.

467, 495, 504

The Inventory Transactions and Task Labor objects have been added to the list of objects available for mobile validations. The deprecated Work Order object from the previous version of FX EAM has been removed.


Importing all validations adds only rules that have not already been imported. Previously, importing all validations deleted existing validation rules.


When importing validation rules, the Import button is now disabled until at least one rule is selected.


We added a confirmation message that displays when an import successfully completes.


We resolved a bug that could disable the Import button during the Import process if a user went Back in the import wizard even if a rule is selected for import.


When importing, validation rules for only the selected objects display. Previously, all rules displayed.

Version 22 (10/6/20)

Type Issue Summary

Bug Fixes


We fixed an issue that prevented imported rules from saving as expected.


We corrected an issue that prevented users from saving modified validations.


We fixed a bug that caused a Validation rule to be unexpectedly deleted when a user pressed the ENTER key.


We fixed a bug that prevented users from creating a new validation rule when the object did not already have at least one rule.