FX EAM Overview

The FX EAM module is a comprehensive asset management solution that tracks equipment, schedules work orders for preventative maintenance, assists in regulatory compliance, manages inventory for maintenance, and tracks maintenance team assignments.

FX EAM contains many objects to support its rich features.

Intelligent Maintenance Management

Each piece of equipment or tracked asset can have multiple preventative maintenance schedules assigned to it that automatically generate work orders from highly configurable templates.

Group preventative maintenance schedules for the same equipment to reduce generation of work orders.

  • For example, inspect a building’s HVAC system weekly, but include changing air filters during the inspection that occurs the first week of each month.

Create preventative maintenance routes to link work done in a standard sequence across pieces of equipment.

  • For example, define a preventative maintenance route for the daily inspection of 15 work trucks. Each work truck receives a separate work order along the route.

Work orders track the labor, parts, supplies, and miscellaneous costs used for maintenance. Work orders contain individual work tasks.

Work tasks describe the actual work required for the maintenance. Each task is assigned a Craft, which determines the labor rate for the work done. Work tasks may require supplies from inventory or miscellaneous costs, such as work by a third party vendor.

Work Tasks are supported in Mobile Roll-ups.

Inventory Management

FX EAM also provides inventory management for supplies kept on hand for equipment maintenance.

FX EAM can stock the same catalog item across different warehouse locations.

If needed, you can track individual stock items using serialization.

FX EAM can track needed inventory with Planned Stock. The module can generate purchase orders to acquire additional inventory from vendors. Transfer requests can shift stock from one warehouse to another.

Items can be received from transfers or purchase orders into inventory. Also, general ledger details can be generated to aid recording accounting entries.

Key Features

Ready built reports to run or customize.

Track equipment location and usage

  • By location

  • Set lifecycle status

  • See geolocation and availability

Automatically generate work orders for:

  • Preventative maintenance

  • Corrective maintenance

  • Inspections

  • Certifications

  • Calendar based, either by a fixed interval from the last due date or a floating interval from the last work completion date

  • Meter based, based on a measure you define, such as hours or odometer readings

  • The earlier of a floating calendar interval or a meter reading

Work order management:

  • Track costs, including Parts, Labor, Tasks, and Miscellaneous costs

  • Create standard work order templates

  • Track bill of materials required for a work order

  • Review Planned Stock required for work orders to facilitate requisition

Inventory management:

  • In-stock catalog items by warehouse

  • Planned stock for purchase and requisition based on work orders

  • Purchase order and transfer request generation