Create Transfer In Request


Use a Transfer In request to begin a Transfer of Stock Items from another Warehouse.

Key Features

When creating a transfer in a request, remember:

Transfer In

requests track the movement of goods into a Warehouse.

Transfer Out

requests track the movement of goods out of a Warehouse.

Released Transfer In

requests link at the header and line detail levels to a related Transfer Out request.

How Creating a Transfer Request Works

Creating a transfer request follows this general flow:

  1. Create the Transfer In Request order.

  2. Approve and Release the Transfer In order.

    FX EAM automatically generates a Transfer Out order for the related Warehouse when the Transfer In request is set to Released status. FX EAM also links the two records at the header and detail levels.

  3. Other warehouse Approves and Releases the Transfer Out order.

  4. Receive the Transfer In request to complete the Transfer.

Step-by-Step Guides

You can:

Manually Generate Order

Create the Transfer Order header

  1. From the Transfer Orders tab, click New.

    Select items and generate Transfer Orders from the Stock Items screen.

  2. Make the following entries:

    Entry Action Notes


    Select the Status for the generated Transfer Order

    • Request must first go through Approval

    • Approved designates the order as ready to be Released


    Select the receiving Warehouse

    Release Date
    (Read Only)

    Automatically populates when the Transfer In order is Released

    Related Order
    (Read Only)

    Automatically populates with the Transfer Out order number when the Transfer In order is Released

    Related Warehouse

    Select the Warehouse that sends the items

  3. Click Save or Save & New.

Add Items to Transfer In Order

If generating a Transfer Order from the Stock Item tab, FX EAM adds the selected items.

  1. Access the Transfer In order record.

  2. From the Quick Links or Related tab, select Transfer Order Lines then click New.

  3. Make the following entries:

    Entry Action Notes

    Order Qty

    Quantity of items to request from the other Warehouse

    Stock Item

    Select or add the Stock Item

    The Stock Item must have the Sourcing Type of _Transfer and the Stock Item’s Source Warehouse must much the Related Warehouse on the Transfer Order header.

    Transfer Order

    Automatically populates, but can be changed.

    Related Transfer Order Line
    (Read only)

    Automatically populates with line number when FX EAM generates the Transfer Out order.

  4. Click Save or Save & New.

FX EAM generates the Transfer Out order when the Transfer In order changes status to Released.

Automatically Generate Transfer Orders from Stock Items

Stock Item Lists

EAM includes several lists for the Stock Items object to make reordering items sourced from other warehouses easier to manage.

Items to Reorder

  • Shows Active Stock Items where the Stock UOM Qty to Reorder is greater than 0.

  • The list shows both Purchase Order and Transfer Order Sourcing Types. Consider adding an additional filter to only display records with a Sourcing Type of Transfer Order.

    The system does not add Stock Items with Sourcing Type of Purchase Order to a Transfer In request, even if selected.

Inter-Stores Sourced Items

Shows Stock Items where the Sourcing Type is Transfer Order.

Items with Open Orders

Shows all Stock Items with an On Order Qty greater than 0.

Create Transfer Order

  1. Go to the Stock Items tab and select a list to view.

  2. Mark the checkboxes for each item with a Sourcing Type of Transfer Order to reorder, then select Generate Transfer Orders.

    EAM generates a separate transfer in order for each requesting and sending warehouse combination.

  3. Select Continue in the dropdown and then Next to generate the purchase order requisition(s).

    EAM generates the transfer in order(s).

  4. Select Finish.

  5. Go the Transfer Orders tab to review, modify, or approve the Transfer In orders.