Read-Only Statuses


  • Records become read-only when they reach a read-only status.

  • As a FieldFX Back Office user, you can identify if a status is read-only or not with the read-only indicator.

  • With System Administrator permissions, you can configure a read-only status.

Read-Only Indicator

  • Read Only Apps is the indicator of whether a status is read-only or not.

    • If the status is read-only, Read Only Apps identifies which FieldFX applications the status is read-only in.

    • If the status is not read-only, Read Only Apps is blank.

  • The Statuses grid displays statuses for the selected object and can display Read Only Apps as a column.
    Screenshot of Read Only Apps for Ticket Statuses

  • Details display in the Read Only Apps field.

  • Status Edit is where you can configure Read Only Apps.

  • The Status name can be set up as a link to Status Detail in a record grid, including in the Statuses grid.

  • The Statuses tab can be set up to access the Statuses grid.

Identifying Read-Only Statuses

  1. Access FieldFX Back Office.

  2. Switch to Salesforce Classic.

  3. Access Read Only Apps to view whether or not the status is read-only.

Configuring a Read-Only Status

  1. Access FieldFX Back Office

  2. Switch to Salesforce Classic

  3. Access the Status grid or Status Detail for the status you want to configure

  4. Click Edit

  5. Select the FieldFX application you want to move to or from Available or Chosen

  6. Click the applicable arrow

  7. Click Save