Ticket Item Copy Setup



The Ticket Item Copy feature is available in the following locations:

Use Ticket Item Copy to add a new ticket item by copying an existing ticket item.

How it Works

When you add a new ticket item using Ticket Item Copy:

Excluding Fields from Copying


You can exclude fields from copying to new records by adding them to an FX_Ticket_Item_Copy_Exclusion field set.

When you add fields to an FX_Ticket_Item_Copy_Exclusion field set:

  • Unique values in those fields don’t copy to new records

  • Default values for those fields do copy to new records

Permanent Exclusions

Ticket Item Copy never copies data from the following fields:

  • Id field

  • External ID field

  • SyncID field

  • Tracking Number field

  • Auto Number fields

  • Formula fields

Adding an Exclusion Field Set

  1. Access FieldFX Back Office

  2. Switch to Salesforce Classic

  3. From Setup, enter "object" in the Quick Find box, then select Objects

  4. Click Ticket Item

  5. Add the FX_Ticket_Item_Copy_Exclusion field set:

    1. Under Field Sets, click New

    2. In Field Set Label, enter FX_Ticket_Item_Copy_Exclusion

    3. In Where is this used, enter Ticket Item Copy feature

    4. Click Save

    5. Drag the fields you don’t want to copy into the In the Field Set list

      Drag date fields into the In the Field Set list.
    6. Click Save