FieldFX Back Office


The FieldFX Back Office web app is built on and you can access it through Salesforce. An constant internet connection is required for FieldFX Back Office to pass data back and forth to and from FieldFX.

You can use FieldFX Back Office to:

User Interface

As stated before, the FieldFX Back Office runs inside Salesforce. and can use two user interfaces:

  • Lighting Experience - If enabled, this interface is more streamlined and you can use it to add or update records.

  • Salesforce Classic - This is the default Salesforce interface and you use it to access advanced features and configure settings.

You can switch between user interfaces as necessary.


FieldFX by ServiceMax uses push upgrades to the FieldFX Base Package to roll out FieldFX Back Office updates. Read the Release Notes to learn what’s included in FieldFX Base Package updates.

The Push Upgrade Schedule is for planning purposes only and might change. Any changes to this schedule will be announced by email.

Update Schedules

FieldFX Push Upgrades are scheduled around the time of the Salesforce release upgrades. Sandbox orgs upgrade prior to the Salesforce update and Production orgs upgrade after the Salesforce update.

FieldFX generally pushes upgrades to customer orgs during the indicated 1-week window. For your org’s specific date, contact Support.

Push Upgrade schedules show in a table format the following:

  • Salesforce Release Version and Release Date

  • FieldFX Sandbox and Production Push Upgrade dates

  • FieldFX Managed Package versions pushed with the Sandbox/Production Push Upgrade (except for 2021)

Yearly push upgrade schedules: