Admin Portal - Sync Event Viewer Updates

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Version 74 (4/17/24)

Type Issue Summary

Bug Fix


We fixed an issue where viewing an event using Event Viewer in Admin Tools and clicking on Details, the Event Details screen flickers making the Edit button appear and disappear. The user can’t click the button.


We fixed an issue where the screen flickers in the report view.

Version 70

Type Issue Summary



We improved security where FXComponents checks custom permissions for app access.

Version 64

Type Issue Summary



Show Pictures in the Sync Event Viewer

  • When viewing sync events, previews of images now display.

  • Displayed images can be downloaded to the user’s device.

Bug Fixes


We fixed an issue where during Reprocessing events, an error message doesn’t appear and the events are reprocessed correctly.

Version 62

Type Issue Summary

Bug Fixes


We fixed an issue where the tracking number link is now displayed when there is an exception.