Document Template Editor Updates

These updates are for the DataGuide Document Template Editor used in FieldFX. It can be accessed through the FieldFX Admin Portal under the Miscellaneous. The FX DataGuide Updates (Deprecated) topic covered updates to the FX DataGuide that was previously used in FieldFX. It has since been deprecated and now FieldFX uses the same DataGuide package that ServiceMax has developed and uses in their software.

To see the current updates to the ServiceMax DataGuide, see the following:

To use the ServiceMax DataGuide package in FieldFX, you must have a license and it must be installed in your organization.

To align with the redesigned Report Template Editor, which is also used in the ServiceMax DataGuide, the Report Template Editor has been renamed to the Document Template Editor.

All future changes will be made to the Document Template Editor and not the Report Template Editor.

Release Table

Release Date Areas Impacted

Latest Version

Enhancements and a Bug Fix

Release Notes

Release details are listed below the Document Template Editor, which is used in FieldFX and ServiceMax DataGuide as a shared application.

Area Issue # Summary

Version 4.13.43


FFX-2425 & FFX-2526

We have redesigned the Report Template Editor and renamed it to the Document Template Editor in the FieldFX Admin Tools Dashboard Miscellaneous block.

Report Template Editor entry to Document Template Editor entry

Report Template Editor button in the FieldFX Admin Portal

Document Template Editor button in the FieldFX Admin Portal

Bug Fix


We fixed an issue where when an existing template is previewed, there is no warning to the user to save any changes. If the user exits out of the preview, all their changes are lost.