Credit Memo Workflows (Deprecated)

The Credit Memo functionality in FieldFX has been deprecated. Contact your account representative for another solution.


A credit memo workflow tracks the status of credit memos.

A credit memo workflow features the following components:

Component Description Example


Possible credit memo status


Status Workflow

Transition between credit memo statuses



To use credit memo workflows, you need to:

Have these user licenses Have these permissions Complete these tasks
and review these topics
before continuing

How it Works

  • The Status field displays a credit memo’s status.

    FieldFX Back Office Credit Memo Status Field
    Figure 1. In this Workflow section example in Salesforce Classic, the Status field is highlighted
  • To change the status, click the workflow button for the next status.

    FieldFX Back Office Credit Memo Status Buttons
    Figure 2. In this Workflow example in Salesforces Classic, there are three possible statuses for the Credit Memo to go to next

Validation Rules

Validation rules run when you change the status of a credit memo:

  • If the credit memo passes validation, it transitions to the new status

  • If the credit memo doesn’t pass validation, you can’t change the status until you enter valid data.

  • The credit memo may now display read-only.