User Share View


The Admin Portal’s User Share View tool displays why object-specific records are shared with the user

The tool displays the reason a record is shared:

  • Global Pricebook: This record is shared because it is a global pricebook

  • Manual: This record is set to share with the user manually

  • Owner: This record was created by the user

  • Rule: This record is shared through sharing rule

  • Sync Assignment: This record is shared through sync assignment

  • Pricebook Assignment: This record is shared because the user was assigned this pricebook

User Share View enables system administrators to:

  • View what is shared with a user.

  • Understand why it is shared with that user.

  • Compare what is shared with that user and one or more other users.


To use the Admin Portal’s User Share View, you need to:

Have these user licenses Have these permissions Complete these tasks
and review these topics
before continuing

System administrator users need:

  • System Administrator permissions for Salesforce

Step-by-Step Guide

View Shared User Information

  1. Go to, then select User Share View.

  2. Click User Share.

  3. Make the following entries:

    Field Action


    Select a user to view.

    Enter text to filter the user search.


    Select an object to display.

    Search for Record

    Enter a record to search.

    Leave the Search for Record blank to display all records in the object the user has access to.

    Screenshot of the filter fields on User Share View
    Figure 1. Use the filters to select a particular user, object, and record
  4. Click Search.

    Results are limited to 200 records.

  5. A table of records displays showing record IDs and the reason the user has access to the record.

    If the user has permission to View All for the object, the table shows records the user would see if they did not have the View All permission.

    Click a record ID to display the record in Back Office.

    Screenshot of a table of records shared with a user
    Figure 2. The table lists records shared with a user, assuming they do not have View All permissions