Admin Portal - Conditional Pricing Updates

To see the documentation, see Condition Pricing.

Version 46

Type Issue Summary

New Feature


Multi Login

The Admin Portal now supports multiple logins, making it easier to manage changes across different sandbox and production environments. Log in to multiple environments, then use Switch User to change which user is active.

See Multiple Logins for more information.



Support PDF Metadata

  • PDF files support adding metadata to the file

  • Report designers can now generate the file metadata as part of the report design with a new supported XML tag

  • Supported tags are

    • Document Title (used for the Title property and the file name)

    • Author

    • Subject

    • Keywords

  • Use Handlebars expressions to dynamically add content for the metadata

  • Use the Optional Metadata section of the Report Template wizard to add content


  • For example, customizing the Document Title results in the following:

    Reports Tab in FieldFX Mobile


    Note List in FieldFX Back Office


    File Properties Details Tab

    On Windows, right clicking the PDF file and selecting the Properties option, then the Details tab, shows:



We fixed an issue to improve security where FXComponents checks custom permissions for app access.

Bug Fix


We fixed an issue so a user can login into a hosted dashboard and they logged into an embedding dashboard. Previously, if they did the same thing, their session would expire.

Version 42 (12/10/20)

Type Issue Summary

Bug Fix


Users can now remove multiple OR cases from an override without having to save after each deletion.

Version 41 (10/6/20)

Type Issue Summary



Refresh button in Conditional Pricing Should Refresh Schema

  • The Conditional Pricing Tool has a Refresh button to reload and update the list of Override Configurations.

  • Now, the Refresh button also updates the schema, updating access to newly added or removed fields as appropriate.