Price Book Builder (Deprecated)

FieldFX’s Price Book Builder functionality has been deprecated.

Deprecated item Alternative
Configure the FX Item Picker Lightning Component


The Price Book Builder is a price book management tool in FieldFX Back Office.

Use the Price Book Builder to:


To setup and use the Price Book Builder, you need to:

Have these user licenses Have these permissions Complete these tasks
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before continuing

Price Book Details

The Price Book Details section displays basic price book information.

Price Book Details section in FieldFX Back Office classic

Search Filters

Use the Search Filters to filter the price book items shown in the Item grid.

Search Filters section of a price book in FieldFX Back Office classic

Item Grid

The Item grid displays the price book items in a price book.

Configure Price Book from FieldFX Back Office

Use the Item grid to add, edit, or delete price book items.

Parent & Child Items

Child items display indented under their parent item.

Configure Price Book with child items from FieldFX Back Office

Bulk Update

Use the Bulk Update feature to edit multiple price book items at once.

Updating selected items panel in FieldFX Back Office

To use this feature, select price book items and click Bulk Update underneath the Item grid.

Catalog Item Picker

Use the Catalog Item picker to add catalog items to a price book.

Catalog Item Picker from FieldFX Back Office

To open the Catalog Item picker, click Expand on the left side of the page.

Expand button icon

Step-by-Step Guides

Opening the Price Book Builder

  1. Access FieldFX Back Office.

  2. Switch to Salesforce Classic.

  3. Open the Price Books tab.

    If you don’t see any Price Books, select All Price Books from the drop down.

  4. Open a price book.

  5. Click Price Book Builder.

Adding Price Book Items

  1. Open the Price Book Builder.

  2. Click Expand on the right side of the page.

    Expand button
    The Expand button only appears when using the Price Book Builder (here), Ticket Items Builder or the Quotes Item Builder.
  3. Select catalog items.

  4. Click Add Selected.

    1. Or to add all the items at once, click the checkbox in the table header and then click Add All.

  5. Click Close on the left side of the Item picker.

    Collapse button