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Use these links for FieldFX setup information:

Module or Area Summary Description

FieldFX Modules

module is an electronic field ticketing solution that improves efficiency, reduces days sales outstanding (DSO), and eliminates revenue leakage.


module is an intelligent quoting and ticketing solution that streamlines the quote-to-cash process and reduces revenue leakage.

FX Schedule & Dispatch

module is an integrated resource management solution that allows you to manage your field operations more efficiently.

FX Invoicing

module completes the quote-to-cash process, ensuring a four-way match between the contract, quote, ticket, and invoice.


The FX EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) module is a comprehensive asset management solution that tracks equipment, schedules work orders for preventative maintenance, assists in regulatory compliance, manages inventory for maintenance, and tracks maintenance team assignments.

FX Customer Self-Service

module is a customer portal solution that empowers your customers with secure access to job and ticket data in FieldFX.

FX Timecards

module is a time management solution that makes it easier to track payable time for field employees. You can also track time off requests and collect Time cards in to a payable timesheet. Field users can enter cards using the FX Timecards app, available for iOS and Android devices.


Use this link to set up master data such as:

  • Accounts

  • Business Segments

  • Catalog Items

  • Classifications

  • Contracts

  • Equipment

  • Job Types

  • Preventative Maintenance Schedules

  • Price Book Items

  • Price Books

  • Qualifications

  • Quote Item Record Types

  • Quote Types

  • Ticket Item Record Types

  • Ticket Types

  • Warehouse Items

  • Warehouses

  • Wells

  • Work Order Templates

Features Setup

Use this link to set up FieldFX features.


Use this link to set up the following FieldFX settings:

  • FX Settings

  • Login Settings

  • Personal Settings

  • Sharing Settings

User Setup

Use this link to complete the user setup for these aspects:

  • User Profiles

  • Managed Permission Sets and Permission Set Groups

  • Permission Sets

  • User Records

  • User Licenses