Ticket Item Import


Ticket Item Import enables you to import ticket items from a file of comma-separated values (.csv) to FieldFX Mobile on a desktop device.

The .csv File

  • All column headers in the .csv file must match the API names of fields in ticket item records.

  • The .csv file must always contain columns for the FX5__SyncID__c and FX5__Catalog_Item__c fields.

  • The Sync ID (FX5__SyncID__c) field is the primary identifier for each ticket item record.

  • Import items cannot a child item or a bundle.

    Example 1. An example .csv file
    CSV import file example

Ticket Item Import Summary

  • The Ticket Item Import Summary reports the results of the import.

    Example 2. The Import Summary
    No error example
  • Records will be rejected from import and reported on the Ticket Item Import Summary for the following reasons:

    • Reject reason: duplicate Sync ID in two records being imported (the first record imported, the second did not).

      Same SyncID Error
    • Reject reason: duplicate record already exists.

      Duplicate record error
    • Reject reason: record missing Sync ID.

      Missing SyncID error

    • Reject reason: record with invalid Catalog Item.

      Invalid Catalog Item error


To use Ticket Item Import, you need to:

Have these user licenses Have these permissions

Importing Ticket Items

  1. Access FieldFX Mobile on a desktop system.

  2. From the Ticket Item page, click the Import button in the lower right corner.

    Screenshot pointing to the import button
  3. In the Open window, navigate to and select the .csv file of ticket items you want to import.

  4. Click Open.

  5. When the Ticket Item Import Summary displays:

    • Click Close if all records imported successfully to complete the import

    • Click Close and fix the errors in the .csv file identified by the Ticket Item Import Summary

  6. If you had to fix errors in the .csv file, repeat the above steps.