Copy User Settings


Copy User Settings streamlines the user set up process and enables system administrators to copy settings for the following from an existing user to another user or users:

  • Time Zone

  • Local

  • Language

  • Currency

  • Manager

  • Mobile Version

  • Role

  • Profile

  • Permission Set Assignments

  • Public Group Memberships

  • Managed Packages


To use Copy User Settings, you need to:

Have these user licenses Have these permissions Complete these tasks
and review these topics
before continuing
  • System Administrator permissions for Salesforce

Copying User Settings

  1. Access FieldFX Back Office

  2. Switch to Salesforce Classic

  3. From Setup, enter manage users in the Quick Find box, then select Users

  4. Click the name of the user from which you want to copy user settings

  5. Under Custom Links, click Copy User Settings

  6. Select one or more Target users to which you want to copy user settings.

    Screenshot indicating where to specify the users to apply the copied settings to
    Figure 1. Specify the Target user(s) whose settings should change
  7. Select the setting(s) to copy.

  8. Click Copy User Options. .Copying Managed Packages to John Smith’s user profile

    Screenshot of copying Managed Packages to a user
    Figure 2. Select the Copy User Options button to copy the selected settings from the Current User to the Target User(s)

FieldFX confirms the changes have been made to the target user(s).

Screenshot of confirmation message after successfully copying settings
Figure 3. A message displaying what successfully copied and the user changed.