Ticket Workflows


A ticket workflow tracks the status of tickets.

Example 1. Example ticket workflow with Dispatched to Field, In Progress, Ready for Signature, and Approved statuses

For example, a simple ticket workflow might use the following statuses in sequence.

Flowchart of a Ticket workflow
Other statuses could be available, including multiple approval steps.
Work with your implementation team or support to customize the flows for your tickets.

A ticket workflow utilizes the following objects:

Object Description Example


List of possible ticket status

Dispatched to Field or In Progress

Status Workflow

Sequence of ticket statuses

Dispatched to FieldIn Progress


To use ticket workflows, you need to:

Have these user licenses Have these permissions Complete these tasks
and review these topics
before continuing

How it Works

FieldFX Back Office

In the Workflow section, the Status field displays a ticket’s current status.

FieldFX Back Office Ticket Workflow Status field highlighted
The Workflow section must be added to the appropriate page layout(s) to display.

To change the status, click the workflow button to use on the ticket.

FieldFX Back Office Ticket Status buttons highlighted
Figure 1. In this sample screenshot, clicking the Approved button changes the ticket’s status from Accounting Review to Approved.

FieldFX Mobile

The Ticket Status indicator displays a ticket’s status.

FX Mobile ticket status indicator

To change the status:

  1. Select the status indicator

  2. Select the next status

    FX Mobile select next ticket status
  3. Select Proceed

Syncable Ticket Statuses


You can control whether tickets sync to FieldFX Mobile when they reach a status.

When you select Sync for a status:

  • A trigger selects the Sync checkbox on a ticket when you transition it to that status.

  • Tickets in that status are syncable.

When you deselect Sync for a status:

  • A trigger deselects the Sync checkbox on a ticket when you transition it to that status.

  • Tickets in that status are no longer syncable.


When you change a Job or ticket in FieldFX Mobile to a status that doesn’t have Sync selected:

The status trigger doesn’t select the Sync checkbox for a ticket when you move it to a syncable status if:

Validation Rules

Validation rules run when you change the status of a ticket:

  • If the ticket passes validation, it transitions to the new status

  • If the ticket doesn’t pass validation, you can’t change the status until you enter valid data.

  • The ticket may now display read-only.

  • The ticket may no longer display in FieldFX Mobile after the next sync.

Read-Only Statuses

Tickets become read-only when they reach a read-only status.

Refer to the Restrictions for Read-Only Tickets section for a list of restrictions when tickets become read-only.


Changing the Status of a Ticket

FieldFX Back Office

FieldFX Mobile