A Warehouse stores Catalog Items used in maintenance and repair of Equipment.

Key Features

  • Warehouses store an inventory of Catalog Items available for Work Orders.

  • A Catalog Item at a specific Warehouse is a Stock Item.

  • Stock Items are located in the Warehouse in _Bins, which are the lowest level of a Row → Section → Level → Bin hierarchy.

  • Stock Items may be located in more than one Bin.

    For example, in a main location or easy access and in an overstock location.

  • An inventory manager can see Planned Stock for insight into what Stock Items need replenishment.

  • Replenish a Stock Item by a Purchase Order from a vendor or by Transfer request from another Warehouse.

How EAM Warehouses Works

Stocking Items in a Warehouse

Flow Chart showing connection of Catalog Items

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Add a [New] record to the Warehouse object.

    Warehouses can also be created while adding Stock Items.

  2. Make the following entries in the Details tab:

    Field Entry

    Warehouse Name (required):

    A unique name

    Default Buyer:

    User record responsible for purchase orders for the warehouse

    Warehouse Status:


    + Add address and contact information as desired. This is helpful for creating transfer requests and purchase orders, but not required.

  3. (optional) Make entries in Accounting Details as needed.

    See Accounting Overview for information about the accounts to add in each field.

  4. Click Save.