Admin Portal - Price Book Rules Updates

Version 25 (11/4/22)

For documentation, see Price Book Rules.

Type Issue Summary

New Feature


Multi Login

The Admin Portal now supports multiple logins, making it easier to manage changes across different sandbox and production environments. Log in to multiple environments, then use Switch User to change which user is active.

See Multiple Logins for more information.


We added a new feature that displays a user’s app access.



We fixed an issue to improve security where FXComponents checks custom permissions for app access.

We added a new feature to FX Components that improves security by restricting access to individual admin tool apps. Custom permissions are checked for access.

Bug Fix


We fixed an issue where the users can’t log into a hosted dashboard after they log into the embedded dashboard. Their session expires before it’s complete.

Version 20 (12/10/20)

Type Issue Summary


273, 447

Rule Processor Setup

  • The Price Book Rules tool checks if the Rule Processor is properly setup.

  • If not, the tool automatically complete the required setup steps.


Identify Origin Price Book During Import

  • When importing multiple rules, a column now displays identifying the Price Book the rule is for.

  • This helps the user select the desired rule to import.


We added an error message that displays to a user if they do not have access to the Template record type for price books. Access to the this is required to use the Price Book Rules Admin Portal Tool.


We added a confirmation message if a makes a selection that would result in navigating away from a rule with unsaved changes.


We corrected an issue that could cause rules to be duplicated during the Import process.


We fixed a bug that could cause rule actions to not save, or for rule actions to be inadvertently duplicated.

Version 13 (10/6/20)

Type Issue Summary

Bug Fixes


We fixed a bug that could cause a user to delete a different Template than the selected rule.


We added a warning message that displays if a user selects a different rule before saving changes to the displayed rule.

Version 11 (8/10/20)

Type Issue Summary

Bug Fixes


We clarified the heading on the window that displays when a user selects to copy template rules to a price book.