Price Books


A price book controls the pricing of billable items on quotes and tickets.

When you add a price book, you can:

  • Use the price book for quotes

  • Use the price book for jobs

With Sync 4.0 and AltSync, FieldFX automatically handles the assignment and syncing of price books to users based on their access to jobs.

Price books can be marked as global so that they are always available to all users.

Manually assign additional price books that are not global or for a job the user is assigned to.


To use Price Books, you need to:

Have these user licenses Have these permissions Complete these tasks
and review these topics
before continuing

Active vs. Inactive Price Books

If a price book is:

Active Inactive
  • Current date is after the Effective Date but before the Expiration Date for the price book

  • Price book doesn’t have Archived selected

  • Customer linked to the price book doesn’t have Archived selected

Archived Items

Locked Items

  • Fields that are prefixed with Locked_ prevent the editing of the related field (with the similar API name) when the locking field is True.

  • You can add your own Custom Locking Fields to the Price Book Item object

  • When a locked field on a Price Book Item is copied to the Quote, the Quote Item’s matching field is also locked.