User Records


User records control access to FieldFX. Every FieldFX user must have a user record.


To setup and use User Records, you need to:

Have these user licenses Have these permissions Complete these tasks
and review these topics
before continuing
  • FieldFX Base Package

To manage user records, you need:

  • User object:

    • Read and Edit permission for the Mobile Version field

  • System permissions:

    • Assign Permission Sets

    • Manage Internal Users

    • Manage IP Addresses

    • Manage Login Access Policies

    • Manage Package Licenses

    • Manage Password Policies

    • Manage Profiles and Permission Sets

    • Manage Roles

    • Manage Sharing

    • Manage Users

    • Reset User Passwords and Unlock Users

    • View All Users

    • View Setup and Configuration

Step-by-Step Guides

Follow these steps to add a user in FieldFX Back Office.

Add a User Record

Follow these steps to add a user record.

  1. In the All Users page, click New User.

  2. Enter the user’s name and email address.

  3. In User License, select "Salesforce Platform".

  4. In Role, select a role.

  5. In Profile, select a user profile.

  6. In Mobile Version, select a release channel for the user if they need access to FieldFX Mobile.

  7. Under Locale Settings, select applicable options.

  8. Select Generate new password and notify user immediately.

  9. Click Save.

Assign Permission Sets

  1. Under Permission Set Assignments, click Edit Assignments.

  2. Add permission sets to Enabled Permission Sets.

  3. Click Save.

Assign User Licenses

  1. Under Managed Packages, click Assign Licenses

  2. Select FieldFX Base Package

  3. Select licenses

  4. Click Add

Configure Sharing Settings

Configure sharing settings to grant the user access to records.

Configure Access to FieldFX Mobile

Complete the following if the user needs access to FieldFX Mobile:


Assign a User to a Release Channel for FX Mobile

  1. In the All Users window, open the user record.

  2. Click Edit.

  3. Under Additional Information, select a release channel in Mobile Version.

  4. Click Save.


Assign FieldFX Licenses to a User

  1. In the All Users page, open the user record.

  2. Under Managed Packages, click Assigned Licenses.

  3. Select FieldFX Base Package.

  4. Select licenses.

  5. Click Add.


Manage User Passwords

Reset a User’s Login Password

  1. In the All Users page, open the user record.

  2. Click Reset Password.

  3. Click OK.

Reset All Login Passwords

  1. From Setup, enter expire in the Quick Find box, then select Expire All Passwords

  2. Select Expire All User Passwords

  3. Click Save

Manage Users

Unlock a User

If a user can’t access FieldFX because they typed their password incorrectly more than the permitted number of times, they will be locked out.

Only a locked out user will have the Unlock button on their user record.

Complete the following steps to unlock the user.

  1. In the All Users page, open the user record.

  2. Click Unlock.

Freeze a User

Freeze a user record if an employee takes a leave of absence. This prevents unauthorized usage of the user record while the employee is away.

  1. In the All Users page, open the user record.

  2. Click Freeze.

  3. When the user has returned, access their user record and click Unfreeze.

Deactivate a User

If you terminate an employee, deactivate their user record to prevent them from accessing FieldFX.

  1. In the All Users page, open the user record.

  2. Click Freeze.

  3. Click Edit.

  4. Deselect Active.

  5. Click OK.

  6. Click Save.

After you deactivate a user: