PDF Report Setup for FX E-Ticketing


A PDF report is a type of FX Report. PDF reports attach to records as PDFs, making it easier to print and email reports. PDF reports also give you the ability to use repeating headers and footers, pagination, and many other advanced formatting options. FieldFX manages the Report Templates in the Report Template Editor in Admin Tools.


To set up PDF report,

User Licenses Needed FX E-Ticketing Minimum Permissions Needed Read the following articles
before first time set up
Complete the following tasks: To use PDF reports in FieldFX Mobile,
use one of the following release channels
  • System permissions:

    • Customize Application

    • Manage Profiles and Permission Sets

    • View Setup and Configuration

  • Sync V4 Beta

  • Sync V4

  • V4 Quarterly Beta

  • V4 Quarterly

XML Templates

Use the Report Template Admin Tool at admin.fieldfx.com instead.