Admin Portal - Sync Profile Wizard Updates

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Version 81 (4/19/24)

Type Issue Summary



We have improved the Sync Profile Wizard behind-the-scenes by:

  • Internally added a manifest to the sync profile

  • Split the objects used between lockups and transactions types

  • Transaction types specify a graph for child objects containing relationshipName and details for that child object

  • Provide a collection of SOQL to all objects that are applied for that object type


We made an enhancement that removes filters for Non-editable Lookup Types. Job related lookups don’t have a filter option.


We have added a SOQL Filter option to the Sync Profile Wizard.


We made an enhancement so Sync Profile changes don’t cause related digests to be rebuilt when there is a Sync.


We have modified the sync profile to include these ServiceMax DataGuide properties:

  • SVMXDG__DG_Form_Data__c

  • SVMXDG__DG_Form__c

  • SVMXDG__DG_Form_Version__c


We have enhanced what happens when a profile file is saved. Now after the save, the stage data process is run. Only that profile’s static resource file is updated.


We have added RecordType, Field Rules, and Field Actions objects to the Sync Profile config.


We made an enhancement that adds the Schedule Sync Data job to the Profile Wizard. Also included is a status of when it was last run and a clear error message if the job is not running correctly.


We made an enhancement so DataGuide object SVMDDG__DG_Form_Data__c has been added to the editable list for the profile.

Bug Fix


We made some needed changes where price book objects are no longer segmented and report templates are now in the Transactional Types and not Lookup Types.


We fixed an issue that removes the trigger for apex jobs when a user saves for stage data. The updated version uses new code when the user runs it manually.


We fixed an issue where if the user clicks the Prepare Sync Data button a couple of times, duplicate APEX jobs and stage data records are created.

Now, when the user click the Prepare Sync Data button a couple of times, only one APEX job and one stage data record is created.


We fixed an issue where the user clicks on Prepare Sync Data and there is no confirmation of a triggering of an apex job. A confirmation message was added.


We fixed an issue where when a job is scheduled for the first time, the user couldn’t run the Prepare Sync Data until the scheduled job is complete.

Now, the user can run the Prepare Sync Data even if the scheduled job isn’t complete.


We fixed an issue when a user clicks on the Prepare Sync Data button, there was no confirmation shown that an APEX job was triggered.

Now a confirmation appears that an APEX job is triggered when the user clicks the Prepare Sync Data button.


We fixed an issue and removed FX5__WorkTaskStep__c as a transaction type


We fixed an issue where the wrong field to report progress is wrong.


We fixed an issue where changing the job status from editable to read-only didn’t work.


We fixed an issue where the DataGuide profile didn’t work. Now, spaces are allowed in name.


We removed the support for the Case Object from the Object List in Synced Objects and Lookup Objects plus any references in the wizard so the user is unable to add them.


We fixed an issue when creating a new profile where all the fields were selected for some objects instead of optimizing the selections.

Version 63 (5/30/23)

Type Issue Summary



We fixed an issue with calculating lookup dependencies with formulas on standard objects.

Version 59 (3/28/23)

Type Issue Summary



We have enhanced the visibility of the FX5__Job_Contact__c object so this object syncs to FX Mobile. Job Contact can now be selected as an option under Syncable Objects.

Version 58

Type Issue Summary

Bug Fix


We fixed an issue with the Sync Profile Wizard so when a field is selected in the quote item page, no error occurs. The correction proceeds to the next page after selecting a field.


We fixed an issue that corrects the spinning when an object field is selected. Now when an object field is selected, the Sync Profile Wizard doesn’t hang and proceeds to the next screen.

Version 54

Type Issue Summary

Bug Fix


We fixed an issue where the Crew Planning and Equipment Planning options were unavailable when adding a ticket item.

This version added those options back.

Version 51 (3/2/22)

Type Issue Summary

New Feature


We have added functionality so calculated field dependencies can be recursively traced.

658, 660

We have added cross object calculations. When an admin adds a cross object calculation to a traditional object, the dependencies appear for the other required objects.


We have updated the Sync Profile Wizard to handle FXForms for Work Orders. Previously, the Sync Profile Wizard couldn’t handle FXForms for Work Orders.


We added a feature where the user list is scrollable on the Jobs and Price Book Dispatch page.

Bug Fix


We fixed an error where in the Sync Config an error appears after a quote item is included.


We fixed an error where if a New Sync Profile is created with spaces in the name, an error appears and the new profile isn’t created. Now, the error message still appears if the sync profile has spaces, but it’s created with underscore characters instead of spaces. Example, Sync profile name is "New Profile," the created profile name is "New_Profile."

Version 45

Type Issue Summary

New Feature


We have added functionality so calculated field dependencies can be recursively traced.

630, 632, 634

  • We have added a warning for permissions for any AltSync fields that are added.

  • Warning messages were added for erroneous AltSync formulas on custom objects.

  • If a query is over 8000 characters, an error appears.

  • We added the Attachments type to include:

    • Screen reflects the wizard output after the default profile is made.

    • Custom metadata gets created for the filter by the activity option.



We improved security where FXComponents checks custom permissions for app access.

Bug Fixes


We fixed an issue so a user can login into a hosted dashboard and they logged into an embedding dashboard. Previously, if they did the same thing, their session would expire.


We fixed an issue where settings are used from the static resource instead of custom settings.


We fixed an issue where when the Sync Profile Wizard is filtering large formula fields, those results aren’t included in the preconfigured objects.

Version 28 (Initial Release)

Type Issue Summary
  • We have added a new way to manage what syncs to users' mobile devices

  • Use the Sync Configuration Wizard tool in the Admin Portal to create Sync Profiles.

  • Sync Profiles function for syncing in a way similar to how User Profiles function of permissions

    Sync Profiles only control what data syncs to the user’s mobile device.

    The user must still have access to the data from their profile, permissions set(s), sharing rules, and any sync configuration record(s).

    A record’s sync and AltSync flags must also allow the record to sync.

    If these settings do not grant access to the object, field, or record, the data does not sync.

  • Assign the Sync Profile to the field worker’s User Profile. A user can only be assigned one Sync Profile.

    This replaces the need to activate Sync V4 Config, as this option is included automatically in the Sync Profile.

    You need to add the Mobile Sync Profile field to the User object’s page layout first.
  • You can create multiple Sync Profiles to manage different types of users.

    For example, you might have one profile for the mobile sales team to work with Quotes, another for maintenance workers to complete FX EAM Work Orders, a third for field technicians working Tickets, and a fourth for managers or supervisors who need access to all of the above while in the field.

    One Sync Profile can work for multiple business segments, offices, or job crews when used in conjunction with Sync Configuration records.