Create Form Actions in DataGuide Forms


When you submit a form, you can create up to five form actions.

  1. Click New Action to display the New Action window.

  2. Complete the details based on the type of form action you need:

  3. You use these form action types to execute when a form is submitted:

Create a Form Action to Update a Source Object

  1. Click New Action from the Form Action tab.

  2. Enter the action name in Action Name.

  3. Click the Take Action When dropdown menu and select an option in Take Action When Options Table.

  4. Click the Action Type dropdown menu and select Update {Object}.

  5. Complete the details in Update Source Object in a new form object.

Create a Form Action to Create Form Data Records

A DataGuide Form’s form data is saved in a JSON file when a user submits a form. Submitted forms can be analyzed at a later.

The JSON file links data to a specific form and the object on which the form is created and submitted. The JSON file must be transposed into a format that the business administrators can use for analysis.

Example 1. Example Use Cases

Service leaders can use the data related to the question in certain types of forms, such as:

  • Monitor safety-related checks

  • Access to external reports not part of the ServiceMax DataGuide or FieldFX packages

  • Analyze the number of inspections performed for equipment in a month/quarter

  • Analyze the problems in the last six months

To create the form action:

  1. Navigate to the Form Designer.

  2. Click the form to edit.

  3. Click the Form Actions tab.

  4. Click the Action Name to edit.

  5. Click Add Action Type option.

  6. Select Create Form Data Records.

  7. Click Apply.

The records are created in the Form Response SVMXDG__DG__Form_Response__c object.

If a custom lookup field is available for the object, not only a Form Response record is created, the custom lookup field is updated appropriately on the from response. See Auto Updating of Custom Lookup Fields for more information.

Custom Lookup Fields Auto Update

You must create custom lookup fields that can look up in the base object of the form.

When the Create Form Data Records form action is configured, the Form Response records are created.

If an object has an available custom lookup field,

  • The Form Response Record is created and the custom lookup field is updated on the Form Response

    Example 2. Job Object

    The form’s base object is a Job and the custom lookup field is Primary Job in the Form Response Record. This record looks up to the Job Record.

  • When the form action is executed, the Primary Job field is updated with the base record of the form.

  • This applied to all types of questions.

Example 3. How custom lookup fields are updated
  • Updates the lookup field related to the base object of the Form.

  • Updates the lookup field related to the child object of the Form.

  • Updates multiple custom lookup fields on the Form Response record with the same value.

Generate Document Template (PDF)

DataGuide has two essential components: Form Templates and Document Templates. There are times when both are linked together. The end user must fill out and submit the Form then open the Document Template that contains the completed Form. They do this to finalize the process and generate a PDF.

The opening the Document Template upon Form submission automation helps the user complete the Form and the Document Template in the same flow.

The Generate Document Template (PDF) action type in the Form Action launches a specific Document Template when the Form is completed.


Consider the following:

  • Published Document Templates are shown alphabetically

  • You can only choose one Document Template

  • Only one type of form action can be created in a form action configuration

  • You can create this action type with or without conditions.

  • When you select the background mode, this message appears:
    Background Execution mode will create the document template without allowing for any user interaction on them.

  • If there are no Document Templates available, this error message appears
    No Document Templates available
    Delete the form action type to save the Form Action.

  • If you delete the document template used in the form action, this message appears:
    Previously configured document template is unavailable. Please select another option

  • When a form action fails and you have multiple form actions for other form types, these actions occur:

    • On Android/iOS/Windows devices, the form is considered submitted and the PDF generation form action is completed.

    • On the web, the form is not considered submitted and the PDF generation doesn’t complete.


  1. Navigate to the Form Designer.

  2. Click on the form to edit.

  3. Click the Form Action Tab.

  4. Click New Action or the Action Name to edit.

  5. Click Add Action Type in the Action Type section.

  6. Select Generate Document Template (PDF) from the dropdown.

  7. Click Apply.

For more information on the user experience, see DataGuide Users: Generate a PDF on Form Submission.