How an DataGuide End User Can Use the Document Template Editor

As a end-user for DataGuide, you can access DataGuide Forms through FieldFX Mobile or in the Salesforce Org > DataGuide.

With Document Templates, you can generate a PDF of the form’s output. With a PDF, customers can be fully aware that the job is done, and service was completed after the job is finished.

Your admin must make the document template available to your user profile for you to use the form.

Use Cases

A possible use case for document templates would be a site supervisor has conducted a safety audit. They want to sign off on audit and include their findings.

The admin creates a Document Template for a Job as a standard template. They add the completed Site Safety Checklist. When the Document Template is accessed, the Job template pulls in information from the selected Job and shows a preview of the Document Template to the user.

The logged-in user’s language and locale will be used.

Once signatures are captured, the Document Template is finalized.

Step-by-Step Guides

These task steps apply to both FieldFX Mobile and using document templates in your Salesforce org and the DataGuide package. "Click" is used when the steps apply on the web and "Tap" is used when the steps apply to FieldFX Mobile.

Access the Document Templates

You can view the Document Templates for the Work Order.

  1. Click/Tap on Work Orders.

  2. Select the Work Order.

  3. Click/Tap DataGuide Form.

  4. Select the DataGuide Form.

    The preview is shown.

Change the Document Templates Language and Locale

You can change your language and locale settings.

  1. Click/Tap on the Document Template.

    A form preview appears in the logged-in user language and locale default.

  2. Click/Tap on Language.

  3. Click/Tap on a language.

    The preview reloads in the selected language. Languages are displayed if the languages are configured on the Document Template.

    These items are translated:

    • Salesforce Picklist labels

    • Record Type labels

    • Static labels already configured in the Document Template

    • Locale-specific data like Date, Time, and Number Separators

    • DataGuide Form - If the form is part of the template and localized

      • If the form isn’t available in the selected language, the form is shown in English

      • App labels such as Finalize, Cancel, etc. appear in the logged-in User’s language

  4. Tap the Signature icon.

    If the signatures are captured prior to switching languages, a message appears asking to discard the signatures and re-add them.

Finalize the Document Template

To finalize the Document Template, ensure the device is online if using FieldFX Mobile.
  1. Click/Tap on Work Orders.

  2. Select a Work Order.

  3. Click/Tap on Document Template.

    A preview of the Document Template appears.

  4. Click/Tap the signature icon.

    The signature can only be captured using FieldFX Mobile. If signatures are already configured, you can add them.
  5. Click/Tap Done

  6. Repeat the above steps to add more signatures if necessary.

  7. Click/Tap Finalize to save the Document Template in PDF format.

  8. Sync the Document Template to the server.

    If the device is offline, the Document Template is synced to the server on an incremental sync.

The Document Template can be accessed in the Documents section on the Work Order record.

Cancel the Document Template

If using Document Templates on the web, you can cancel one before finalizing it.

Document Templates can be cancelled only:

  • When the preview is shown

  • When the signatures are taken to finalize the Document Template

  • After changing the language

Click Cancel and the Document Template preview is closed and returns to the base object screen.