FX Trucking Overview



  • FX Trucking is a FieldFX Back Office module and a separate FX Trucking app for managing the routing of a fleet of delivery trucks.

  • The FX Trucking app is a separate app that will be available soon for movile devices for drivers to use for marking activity while completing truck routes.

  • Dispatchers plan routes in the FX Trucking FieldFX Back Office Route Dispatch tab.

  • Drivers mark activities for their truck in the FX Trucking app on their mobile device.

Getting There

  • From FieldFX Back Office, go to the Trucking or Trucking Console apps.


  • Both apps provide the same tabs and functions. The Console app makes the tabs available as a drop down list.

How it Works

  • FX Trucking manages the routing of trucks to complete pick up and drop off of hauled materials.

  • FX Trucking utilizes Routes to deliver Ticket Items identified with a Hauling Charge Type in the related Catalog Item record

  • Trucks are Equipment items with a Record Type of vehicle.

  • Drivers are Contacts with the Is Driver option selected.

  • Drivers pick up and drop off to Locations. Admins create Locations.

  • Dispatchers use the Route Dispatch tab in FieldFX Back Office to manage Routes and assign routes to drivers and trucks.

  • Dispatchers can create new Routes (with their associated Tickets and Jobs) from the Route Dispatch screen.

  • Drivers use the forthcoming FX Trucking Mobile App to receive their assigned routes and track their work from starting the route, picking up items, dropping off items, and managing any additional charges.


Object Relationships

  • FX Trucking utilizes Routes to deliver Ticket Items on vehicle type Equipment by Contacts identified as Drivers. The drivers pick up items identified with a Hauling Charge Type from Pick Up Locations and delivers the items to Drop Off Locations

New Objects

  • The FX Trucking Managed Package adds the following new Objects:

    • Route

    • Route Change

    • Alternate Location

Additional Object Dependencies

  • FX Trucking also depends on the following objects from the FX5 Base Managed Package:

    • Catalog Item

    • Contact

    • Equipment

    • Job

    • Location

    • Price Book

    • Price Book Item

    • Status

    • Ticket

    • Ticket Item

    • User

    • Well

Additional Fields on Existing Objects

  • FX Trucking adds the following custom fields to existing Salesforce or FX Base Managed Package objects:

    Object Custom Field

    Catalog Item

    Hauling Charge Type


    Is Driver



    Available for Dropoff

    Available for Pickup

    Driving Directions



    Route Status



    Ticket Item

    Hauling Charge Type