FX Trucking Setup (Deprecated)

FieldFX has deprecated the FX Trucking module as of December 2023. If you have further questions, contact your FieldFX Account Representative.


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How FX Trucking Works

FX Trucking is a FieldFX Back Office module and a separate FX Trucking app for managing the routing of a fleet of delivery trucks.

The FX Trucking app is a separate app that will be available soon for mobile devices for drivers to use for marking activity while completing truck routes.

Dispatchers plan routes in the FX Trucking FieldFX Back Office Route Dispatch tab.

Drivers mark activities for their truck in the FX Trucking app on their mobile device.

Set Up FX Trucking

Setup Tasks

  1. Contact Support to install the FX Trucking managed package.

  2. Open and save the FX Settings to add the FX Trucking CDN path.

  3. Grant permissions to trucking dispatchers and drivers.

  4. Define the Catalog Items to haul.

  5. Add hauled Catalog Items to Price Books as Price Book Items.

  6. Set up the vehicle Equipment items to use for hauling.

  7. Set up the Contact records for drivers.

  8. Define the Locations to use for picking up and dropping off items.

  9. Modify page layouts and page layout assignments.

  10. Configure the Trucking mobile app in the Admin Portal.

Install the FX Trucking Managed Package and Assign Permissions

  1. Contact Support to install the FX Trucking managed package

  2. After the app successfully installs, open and save FX Settings to add the FX Trucking CDN path

    1. From Setup, enter Custom Settings in the Quick Find box

    2. Click Manage next to FX Settings

    3. Select Edit

    4. Verify that the CDN Trucking Dispatch URL automatically populates

      The URL should say prod/trucking/LATEST.

    5. Select Save

  3. Assign FX Trucking permissions to trucking dispatchers and drivers

Create or Modify Catalog Items Hauled by Trucks

Only Catalog Items that have a Hauling Charge Type selected are available in FX Trucking.
  1. Access an existing Catalog Item that is hauled on trucks


    Add a new Catalog Item

  2. Select an option in Hauling Charge Type

    • Related Ticket Items that are marked with the Tank Load Hauling Charge Type can be dispatched in the Route Dispatch console

    • Tank Disposal, Extra Load Charge, and Extra Disposal Charge can be added by drivers in the FX Trucking App while on their routes

  3. Select the UOM (Unit of Measure) to use when the driver loads or unloads the item from the truck

  4. Click Save

  5. Repeat for additional Catalog Items

  6. Add the Catalog Items to Price Books

Create or Modify Equipment Records for Trucks

Only Equipment items with the Vehicle record type can haul items in FX Trucking.

  1. In FieldFX Back Office, go to the Equipment tab

  2. Select the existing equipment item to mark as a Truck


  3. Verify Vehicle is the Record Type for the truck’s Equipment record

  4. Assign the record to an Office

  5. Save changes

  6. Repeat for other trucks to make available in FX Trucking

Create or Modify Contact Records for Drivers

  1. In FieldFX Back Office, go to the Contacts tab

  2. Modify or add the following:

    • Is Driver: selected

    • Available for Field Work: selected

    • Office: assigned

    • User: assigned

  3. Truck (optional): If the contact always drives the same Truck, assign the truck in their Contact record

Create Locations

A Location is a place where a driver can pick up items for delivery, drop off items, or both.

When installing FX Trucking, a Location is automatically created for each existing Well with the Is Pickup and Is Dropoff options selected.

After installation, a Location is automatically created for each new Well added to FieldFX, with the Is Dropoff and Is Pickup options selected.

Associate a Location to an existing Well by adding the Location field to the Well page layouts.

  1. From the Trucking app in FieldFX Back Office, select the Location tab

  2. Select New

  3. Make the following entries:

    Field Description

    Location ID:

    A unique identifier for the location


    additional detail about the Location


    Latitude and Longitude coordinates

    Is Dropoff:

    select if a driver unloads items from the truck at this location

    Is Pickup:

    select if a driver loads items on to the truck at this location

    A location can be both a dropoff and a pickup location, for example a well where Dirty Water is picked up and Fresh Water is delivered.

    Selections impact what screens in the FX Trucking app the location is available for the driver to select.

    Driving Directions

    Add instructions that can display to the driver in the FX Trucking app for how to drive to the site

    For example, this can be helpful for sites that are not available to GPS devices, or that have particular entries to use.

    Parent Location:

    Create a hierarchy of Locations by assigning another existing location as the parent

    Hierarchy Sort Order:

    Number sequence to use for sequencing a list of child locations under a parent

  4. Save the record

  5. Repeat for other locations

Modify Page Layouts

Add these options to the following page layouts:

Page Layouts Options

Catalog Item

  • Hauling Charge Type


  • Is Driver

  • Truck


  • Position

  • Is Dropoff

  • Is Pickup

Page Layouts Options

Ticket Status layout(s)

  • Route Status


  • Route

Ticket Item

  • Hauling Charge Type

  • Location


  • Location

Configure the Trucking Mobile App in the Admin Portal

  • Use the Trucking tool in the Admin Portal to:

    • Define the ticket, job, and ticket item fields to download for drivers

    • Select the downloaded fields on tickets drivers should be able to modify

    • Change the display order of ticket fields on the driver’s mobile device

    • Select a report template drivers use when loading the truck

    • Select a report template drivers use when unloading the truck

  • The Trucking tool is available in the Admin Portal at https://admin.fieldfx.com/apps/trucking