Sync Screen Configuration

The Sync screen page and Home page for FX Mobile displays when you log in to FieldFX Mobile.

FieldFX Mobile Sync Screen
Callout Item Description


Home Button

Access this page from anywhere within FX Mobile.


Start a New Job Button

User must have Create permissions to the FX5__Jobs__c object

Select + Start a New Job to add a job.

Start New Job button



Select the sidebar buttons to do the following:

For the user to hide Jobs, Tickets, Quotes, or Work Orders, they must have the custom permission for these objects:

  • FX5__Jobs__c

  • FX5__Tickets__c

  • FX5__Quotes__c

  • FX5__WorkOrders__c

Callout Button Action



Open the Job Search page.

User must have Create permissions to the FX5__Jobs__c object

For the user to disable, select the Hide Jobs in Mobile option in FX Settings.



Open the Ticket Search page.

User must have Create permissions to the FX5__Tickets__c object.



Open the Quote Search page.

User must have Create permissions to the FX5__Quotes__c object.


Work Orders

User must have Read permissions to the FX5__WorkOrders__c object for FX EAM to see the tab.

User must have Create or Modify permissions to the FX5__WorkOrders__c object to work with records.

The FX5__Work_Orders__c object is no longer used in FieldFX and access to it must be removed.

Ensure the user has access to the FX5.OmnibusRestService Apex class for bother FX5 Managed Package and FX Mobile. FieldFX checks the user’s licenses. If the user is not assigned an FX EAM license, the tab does not display.

For more information, see Best Practices for Permission Sets


SYNC Button

Select the Sync button to sync changes you made since the last sync and download updates from FieldFX Back Office.

Sync Button

The button turns into a progress bar during a sync.

FX Mobile Sync In Progress

While the data processes, the Sync button remains disabled with the message Processing Sync Packet…​

Users cannot initiate another sync until the processing completes on the previous data sync.

Select to sync changes you made since the last sync, without downloading anything from FieldFX Back Office.

FX Mobile Upload Only Button


Sync Details

Displays information about the last sync.

FX Mobile Sync Details

Select the Down arrow to view diagnostics about the data processed during a sync.

FX Mobile Sync Details Progress Bar

These diagnostics give you a clear picture of how your sync is progressing.


Pending Changes List

Displays the changes you made since the last sync ready for upload to FieldFX Back Office during the next sync.

Pending Changes


Version Information

Displays the web browser, FieldFX Mobile version, and release channel you are using.

If you are using a Sync Profile, the name of the Sync Profile appears in the main FX Mobile screen.
Version Information


Sync Version

Select the user’s Mobile Version Release Channel in the User Record.

The URL used to log in does not determine the mobile version. The mobile version the user sees is defined by the User Record.



Users select the question button to display on screen help text.

The help text can be modified or translated into additional languages in the Admin Portal.



Use the walkthrough to view explanations of buttons and controls available on the current screen.

Example of help text in the FX Mobile Help Tour

Using the Walkthrough

To display the walkthrough, select the help question mark button on the sidebar.

Example of the ? button to tap on a mobile device to access the FX Mobile Help

To move through the explanations of each feature, select Prev or Next.

To close the walkthrough, select End tour.

Customizing Walkthrough Text

Administrators can customize the text that displays in the walkthrough messages to conform to your processes and language.

In addition to text, the walkthrough can display images, PDFs, and videos available from a static URL.

Each stop can display multiple slides.

For details on customizing the help text, see FX Mobile Tour Builder.