FieldFX Mobile Pro


FieldFX Mobile Pro is an app that can be found on the mobile device’s app store.

Search in the app store for FieldFX Mobile Pro.

The app is available for iOS/iPadOS, Android, and Windows devices and can access either production or sandbox environments.

Users can define a custom domain, such as may be required for use with Single Sign-on (SSO). Once signed in, users find the same FieldFX Mobile interface they are already accustomed to using from a browser.


Device Prerequisites

Type Minimum Specifications

iOS or IPadOS

Running version 14.4 or later


Running Android 8 or later


Running 64 bit Windows 10, version 10.0.17134.0 or later

Required User Licenses and Permissions

To use FieldFX Mobile Pro,

Have these user licenses Have these permissions Complete these tasks
and review these topics
before continuing
  • FieldFX Base Package

  • FieldFX E-Ticketing


Images in this document are taken from an iPad. Android and Windows devices may display slightly differently, but the functions remain the same.

Install FieldFX Mobile Pro

FieldFX Mobile Pro can also be installed through your organization’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution.
  1. Go to your device’s app store (or equivalent):

    Device Type Action Store URL

    Android devices

    Search FieldFX Mobile Pro in the Google Play store

    Apple devices

    Search FieldFX Mobile Pro in the App Store

    Windows devices

    See note below.

Some Windows devices may require additional steps to install FieldFX Mobile Pro. See the Microsoft Help article Troubleshooting installation issues with the App Installer file.

The publisher certificate is available from

Before updating your app version, log out of FieldFX Mobile first.
  1. Tap the Get, Install, Get the app, or equivalent button.

  2. On Windows devices, follow the browser prompts to allow the app to download and/or install.

    You may need to navigate to a different screen to find the installed app. Windows users can search the Start menu.

  3. Wait for the application to install, then navigate to the app icon on your device.

    FieldFX Mobile Pro’s logo image

Use FieldFX Mobile Pro

Once logged in to FieldFX, the experience is virtually identical to using FieldFX through a browser.

Besides the normal functions of FieldFX Mobile, FieldFX Mobile Pro also provides a barcode scanner using the device’s camera.

Sign in to a FieldFX Mobile

  1. Navigate to the app on the device, then tap it to launch FieldFX Mobile Pro.

    FieldFX Mobile Pro’s logo image
  2. At the login screen, enter the Salesforce credentials, then tap Log In.

    FieldFX Mobile Pro login screen
    When you first log in you may need to verify your identify with Salesforce and accept the FieldFX Mobile Pro license agreement.
  3. After logging in, the Sync screen appears as normal

The app functions just like FieldFX Mobile in a browser.

Switch to a Different Org

Users can use FieldFX Mobile Pro to access the production org or any sandbox org to which they have valid credentials.

The log in screen indicates the type of org selected:

  • If the production environment is selected, the login screen displays a Log In button.

  • If the sandbox environment is selected, the login screen displays a Log In to Sandbox button.

  1. Navigate to the app on the device, then tap it to launch FieldFX Mobile Pro.

    FieldFX Mobile Pro logo image
  2. Select the Environment to use:

    The last Environment selected is indicated by a checkmark.

    • Production org

    • a Sandbox org

      Menu screen showing different Environment options available for the device
  3. Tap the menu icon in the top left of the login screen.

    Login screen on FieldFX Mobile Pro with an arrow indicating the menu button
  4. Acknowledge that any data existing on the device will be lost when switching environments by tapping Switch.

    Example of the environment switch data warning message

    Once you remove the data, you can no longer recover it.

  5. Enter the appropriate Salesforce credentials, then tap Log In or Log In to Sandbox.

    Log In to a Production org:

    Login screen for a Production org environment selected

    Log in to a Sandbox org:

    Login screen with a Sandbox org environment selected
  6. Use the menu to also

    • Access the FieldFX End User License Agreement (EULA),

    • Review the ServiceMax Privacy Statement

    • Review the FieldFX Mobile Pro version information

    • Perform an app refresh under the direction of FieldFX Support

Define a Custom Domain

Some orgs use a Custom Domain to access FieldFX to take advantage of Single Sign On capabilities. Define the Custom Domain to make it available as the environment to use in FieldFX Mobile Pro

If you use Mobile Device Management (MDM) software, you can manage custom domains through the MDM solution.
  1. Navigate to the app on the device, then tap it to launch FieldFX Mobile Pro.

    FieldFX Mobile Pro logo
  2. Tap the Use Custom Domain link.

    As an alternative, you can select the menu button and then select Add custom domain…​. from the Environments list.
  3. Enter the Custom Domain to use for logging in, then click Continue.

    Example of a screen a user sees when adding a custom domain
  4. The custom domain is available to select as the environment to use when logging in.

Use the Barcode Scanner

FieldFX Mobile Pro can use the device’s camera as a barcode scanner to fill in fields, such as Ticket Items or Equipment serial numbers.

  • iOS/iPadOS users must be on version 12 or later.

  • Android users must be on Android 10 or later.

The device alerts of a successful barcode scan with an audible beep sound. The following field types can be completed using the barcode scanning functionality in FieldFX Mobile Pro:

  • Text strings

  • Text area

  • Datetime

  • Date

  • Time

  • Lookup fields

  • Boolean

  • Number

You can’t complete these field types using the barcode scanning functionality:

  • Rich Text Area

  • Geolocation

You can scan these barcode types:

For speed, FieldFX recommends using a 2D Barcode.

3D Barcodes are not supported
1D Barcodes 2D Barcodes

Core 39 Industrial


Code 128 Industrial

Data Matrix




PDF 417

ITR-14 Industrial

RSS-14 Industrial

The device’s camera relies on normal light and not a laser. The barcodes must be printed with sufficient contrast.

  1. Access the desired record, such as the Ticket.

  2. Select the field to fill with the results of the barcode scan.

  3. Tap the barcode icon in the FieldFX Mobile Pro screen.

    The icon may appear differently based on your device.

    A barcode scanner button example
    Top of a FieldFX Mobile Pro screen with an arrow indicating the Barcode Scanner button
  4. If this is the first time you have accessed the barcode scanner, grant FieldFX Mobile Pro access to the device’s camera by clicking OK.

    You only need to grant access the first time.

    The barcode scanning will not work if camera access is not allowed!

    Example of the app asking for access to the device’s camera
  5. Point the device’s camera at the barcode and align the barcode within the white box that displays on screen.

    The box changes shape to accommodate various barcode sizes.
    Example of the barcode scanner using the camera with a box on screen for the barcode
  6. FieldFX Mobile Pro automatically detects the barcode and inputs the resulting value to the selected.


    To exit the barcode scanner without scanning a barcode, tap Close.