Work Task Page

Use the Work Tasks page to add and update work tasks in FieldFX Mobile.

For details on working with Work Orders, see FX EAM Work Tasks.

For customizing the field user’s experience in FieldFX Mobile, see the Configuration Helper.

Getting There

Select the add button on the Work Tasks tab or select a work task on the Work Task Search page.

List of Work Tasks in FX Mobile


Select the sidebar buttons to do the following:

Work Task Screen in FX Mobile

Detail of a Work Task in FX Mobile


  1. Gray fields cannot be edited in FieldFX Mobile.

  2. White fields can be selected to modify, if the user’s permissions allow.

  3. The card icon indicates a lookup or date field. When selected a help screen displays a calendar or search screen as appropriate.

  4. Select the X to clear the entry in a field.

  5. Select the timer icon in a date field to automatically populate the field with the current date.

Work Task Steps

Work Task Steps List

  1. Select the Task Steps tab to review any Work Task Steps for the Work Task.

  2. The columns that display depend on the Compact Layout for the Work Task Step object.

    Work Task Steps in FX Mobile

Work Task Step Details

  1. Select a step in the grid to display the Work Task Step Details.

  2. If user permissions allow, modify the Task Step Details.

    1. Change the Work Task Step Sequence number.

    2. Mark the Work Task Step Complete.

    3. Add a Comment.

    4. Add details, including images, in the Additional Details Rich Text Field.

  3. Select the Checkmark button to save changes

  4. To or the white X in the top right to discard the Task Step changes and return to the Work Task Step list.

    Detail of Work Task Steps