Report Editor


The Report Editor is a source code editing tool in FieldFX Back Office.

Use the Report Editor to edit XML templates for PDF reports.


To setup and use the Report Editor, you need to:

Have these user licenses Have these permissions Complete these tasks
and review these topics
before continuing

Getting There

  1. Open the report template for a PDF report and click Report Editor.

    The report editor is part of the Admin Tools, accessed from
  2. Once in the Admin Tools, access the Report Templates.

  3. Click the pencil icon for the report template to access the editor.

    Screenshot of the Edit Pencil icon

How it Works

The Report Editor has the look and feel of a standard text editor.

Screenshot of the code editor with a file open
Figure 1. The Report Editor looks and functions like a text editor with line numbers visible for reference

You can edit code without having to select Edit.

Use the options on the toolbar to save your work, undo your last action, or redo your last action.

Screenshot of the report editor’s menu options
Figure 2. The Report Editor has options for saving the file and either undoing or redoing the last action
Feature Description


The Autocomplete feature suggests possible entries while you type. You can select a suggestion to insert that item, saving you time and ensures you only add valid XML elements and attributes.

Real-Time Validation

The real-time validation feature analyzes your template while you type and highlights potential issues in red. This helps prevent mistakes and lets you know where you need to make corrections.


The Folding feature gives you the ability to hide blocks of code and simplify what currently displays. You can hide a block of code by clicking the arrow next to the line number.

If you select to hide an XML element:

  • That spans multiple lines, everything inside the tags for that element gets hidden.

  • That only spans a single line, only the content inside the tags on that line gets hidden.