DataGuide for FieldFX Updates

These updates are for the DataGuide Package used in FieldFX. The FX DataGuide Updates (Deprecated) topic covered updates to the FX DataGuide that was previously used in FieldFX. It has since been deprecated and now FieldFX uses the same DataGuide package that ServiceMax has developed and uses in their software.

To see the current updates to the ServiceMax DataGuide, see the following:

To use the ServiceMax DataGuide package in FieldFX, you must have a license and it must be installed in your organization.

Many of the features in ServiceMax DataGuide and DataGuide for FieldFX are the same but there are differences. See Functional Differences for a detailed list.


Issue # Description


In the ServiceMax DataGuide Document Template Editor, we’ve added the ability to add a DataGuide form (if DataGuide is installed) to your template.

If the object you based the document template on has at least one DataGuide form built, you can add a DataGuide form element to the document template.

The DataGuide form, will render as part of the document, when a user renders a completed template in either FieldFX Back Office or FieldFX Mobile.

For more information, see Add a DataGuide Form to a Document Template.