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The FX DataGuide package has its own documentation. These are the release notes for FieldFX DataGuide module.

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Version Release Date Notes

Latest Version


This is the last version that will be released. Starting in April 2023, the FieldFX DataGuide Package will be placed in maintenance and no longer be updated. A notification will be sent out in April. After that date and if you need to use DataGuide, you should use the ServiceMax DataGuide package. Contact your account representative for more information.

Bug Fixes:


Latest Version

December 13, 2021



Bug Fixes:


June 24, 2021



Bug Fixes:

147, 151, 163, and 196

May 10, 2021


133, 134

Bug Fixes:

150, 151, 173

April 22, 2021

New Features:

52, 104, 126, 128



Bug Fixes:

117, 131, 133

Release Notes

Version 1.61 (2/1/2023)

This version and the entire FX DataGuide package is being deprecated as of April 2023. To continue to use DataGuide, you should start to use the ServiceMax Dataguide package. Contact your account representative for more information.

Bug Fixes

Issue # Area Description


DataGuide package

We fixed an issue where if one user sets a Form to Save and Finish Later and another user completes the form, the JSON data is incomplete. With this version, the form data is correct no matter what user has saved the form.

For more information, see Setup FieldFX Back Office for FX DataGuide.

Version 1.52 (12/13/2021)


Issue # Description


Use an SOQL Optimizer to Filter Down and Show Records That Only Match Entered Values

When filtering records, the filter, as entered, would return too many records, showing a "FXDG: Too many query rows: 50001". Use a SOQL optimizer to filter and only shown the records that match the value entered (for the Sobject Picker).

Bug Fixes

Issue # Area Description


Back Office

We corrected an error to enforce conditionally required questions in Back Office

Version 1.47 (6/24/2021)


Issue # Description


In Progress Forms Display Deleted Files in Grid

  • When a user begins a form in FieldFX Back Office and saves the Form with an attachment, a button displays in the list of saved forms identifying the available attachment allowing the user to download the attachment.

  • When a user then edits the Form and deletes the attachment, the grid continues to display the file that was attached but grays out the button and adds a indicator that it was removed. The attachment is not available to download.

  • If the user replaces the file with another attachment, only the replacement file displays.

Bug Fixes

Issue # Area Description


Back Office

We corrected a formatting discrepancy with the way Datetime fields displayed in DataGuide forms compared to a Job.


Back Office

When a user created or edited a form in Back Office with an sObject field, a separate window opens to allow the user to pick the desired object. However, the window was staying open after a user saved or closed the form. Now the picker window closes with the form.

163, 196

Back Office

We corrected an error that would result when loading the FieldFX DataGuide grid in FieldFX Back Office when a form utilized an IsAvailable formula with an operator of is null, not is null, or not is blank.

Version 1.44 (5/10/2021)


Issue # Description


Form Title in Form Responses

  • When a Form is set to Include in Reporting, data from completed forms collects in the Form Responses object.

  • We have updated the data collected to the Form Response object to include the Form’s Title, when one exists in the Form Version.

  • If the Form Version does not have a Title defined, then it uses the Form’s Form Name is used instead.


Buttons in Lightning Components

  • We have updated the buttons that display for a user when working on a form in FieldFX Back Office.

  • Users now have four options when they are done working on a form in FieldFX Back Office:

    1. Click Close without Saving to exit the form without saving any changes made to the form

    2. Click Reset to clear the form but stay on the form screen

    3. Click Save and Finish Later to store the data entered in the form

      The most recent saved form for the record displays when the Complete A Saved Form button is selected.

    4. Click Save and Complete to finish the form and mark it Complete

      Completed forms cannot be changed.


Bug Fixes

# Area Description


Back Office

We fixed an issue that caused a form to not display when a comment field had been completed with a bullet list copy and pasted from Microsoft Word.


Back Office

We fixed a bug that prevented a question’s Default formula from populating as expected when a form was generated in FieldFX Back Office.



We fixed a bug that prevented forms that utilize Panels from loading correctly when a question in the panel included a Default Formula.

Version 1.38 (4/22/2021)

New Features

Issue # Description


Complete and Modify Forms in FieldFX Back Office

FX DataGuide in FieldFX Back Office now has the same capabilities as FieldFX Mobile.

  • Users can add a new form and complete data entry

  • Forms can be saved to in progress status and resumed later

  • Multiple forms can be left in in progress status

  • Users can mark forms complete

  • Forms worked in FieldFX Back Office can sync to FieldFX Mobile

  • Completed forms can be viewed or downloaded in FieldFX Back Office


New FX DataGuide Lightning Components

  • Two new Lightning components are available to use when creating Lightning pages to interact with FX DataGuide forms in FieldFX Back Office

  • The existing FXL DataGuide Buttons component has been enhanced with a new option.

 — FXL DataGuide Buttons

  • The FXL DataGuide Buttons has already been available in the original FX DataGuide release.

  • This component has been enhanced with the option to Show the Title and Sub-Title

  • When the option is deselected, the heading and subheading for the component do not display to the user.

 — FXL DataGuide

  • The FXL DataGuide component is an all-in-one component that combines both the button options available in the FXL DataGuide Buttons component and the grid available in the new FXL DataGuide Grid component.

  • Includes the following options:

    • Show 'Start a new form' Button

    • Show 'Complete a saved form' Button

    • Show 'View results' Button

    • Form status to fetch:Select the forms to display

      • All to display all forms in the system, limited by the other filters for the component and user

      • New to display only forms available to the component and user with no results

      • Forms To Complete to display only forms available to the component and the user that have partial data

      • Results to display forms available to the component and the user that have been completed

    • Form Subject Type: Select Independent, Ticket, or Job

    • Columns: Fields to display on the grid

      Defaults to ID, Name

    • Initial Sort Column: Specify the field to use for sorting the list of items in the grid when it first loads.

      Defaults to Name

    • Initial Sort Direction: Direction to sort the listed forms, either asc(ending) or desc(ending).

      Defaults to asc

    • UID for this control: a custom identifier for this component.

    • Sub-Title for this control: Custom text to display below the FXL DataGuide component heading.

 — FXL DataGuide Grid

  • The FXL DataGuide Grid displays a list of forms based on the criteria defined in the component and the availability of forms for the logged-in user.

  • The DataGuide Grid can be used in conjunction with the FXL DataGuide Buttons component.

  • Includes the following options

    • Form Subject Type: Select Independent, Ticket, or Job

    • Item Type: Select the type of data the grid should display, either a list of Forms or the Results of forms

    • UID: a unique identifier for this particular instance of the component

    • Columns: Fields from the to display in the grid

      Defaults to ID, Name

    • Show Title and Sub-Title: Custom text to display below the FXL DataGuide component heading

    • Filter Type: Select from all, nodata, results, or unfinished

      Defaults to all

    • Initial Sort Column: Specify the field to use for sorting the items on the grid when it loads

      Defaults to Name

    • Initial Sort Direction: Select asc(ending) or desc(ending)

      Defaults to asc

126, 128

Attach Files to Forms in FieldFX Back Office

When a File question type exists on a Form Version, FieldFX Back Office users can add file attachments when working with a Form.

  • Uploaded files are saved in the Salesforce Files tab using the Files API.

  • Users can add a file and save the form as in progress.

  • Users can replace a file with a newer file. Records of previous file uploads are retained in distinct form data content versions.


Issue # Description


sOBject Question Type

  • Form managers can include the sObject question type to allow form users to lookup data from the related object when completing a form.

  • When users complete a form in FieldFX Back Office, only the valid related records display when the user selects the dropdown to answer the sObject question on the form.

  • Users select a record from the list to answer the question on the form.

New Permissions
FX DataGuide users need to be granted access to the following new Apex classes: Users need to be granted access to the following new Visualforce pages:
  • FXDG.fx_controller_dataguide

  • FXDG.FX_controller_dg_grid

  • FXDG.controller_sObjectSearcher

  • FXDG.fx_scriptEngine_callee

  • FXDG.fxl_controller_dg_completeForm

  • FXDG.Jsep

  • FXDG.ScriptEngine

  • FXDG.fx_page_dataguide

  • FXDG.fx_page_sObjectSearcher

Bug Fixes

# Area Description


Form Versions

We fixed a problem that could result in an error if a Form existed without a Form Version or a Form Version existed without contents.


Form Responses

We corrected a bug that caused all Form Responses to be recorded. Now only the forms with the Include in Reporting flag selected get stored in the Form Responses object.


Form Responses

We have replaced the question ID of a Form Response with either the question’s Title or Name (if no Title is present). This makes it easier for those working with form responses to know the question being answered.